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Meet the Team – Jeff Liu

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<b>Name:</b> JeffLiu<a href=””><img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-958″ alt=”jeffpic” src=”×300.jpg” width=”203″ height=”300″ /></a> <b>Social Media:</b>  I hope nobody finds my Twitter. <b>Age:</b> 32 <span style=”font-family: Verdana, sans-serif;”><b>Education:  </b>University of Michigan</span> <b>What would you say…you do here?:</b> Answer questionaires, make games, and am generally not helpful.<span style=”font-family: Verdana,sans-serif;”> </span> <b>Started working at Stone Blade:</b> Years ago…. Read More ›

SolForge iOS Update Live Today

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An update for SolForge on iOS is going live today, with performance improvements, bug fixes, random deck selection feature, and new AI difficulty levels (easy, normal, and hard). The update will not allow you to resume existing games. Please complete or delete any ongoing games before updating.

Meet the Team – Will Garner

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<b>Name: 1 cat (bitchy) <b>Education:  </b> BS Computer Science, Dartmouth College, 2000 <b>What would you say…you do here?:</b> Server programming, architecture, IT, assorted geeky odds and ends. My code and servers will keep track of your account, PvP matchmaking, your games, your collection, achievements and rankings, Plus tournament management, PvE… Read More ›

SolForge PC Beta FAQ

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We’ve gotten a lot of feedback since the initial release of our SolForge PC Beta last week, and we’re paying attention to all of it. Some particular questions have stood out and we wanted to tackle them directly. If you have questions or concerns that are not covered by these answers, voice them in our forums at We want to hear from you! Continue reading