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Reign of Varna: Immortal King Update Patch Notes

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Solforge set 5.2: Varna, Immortal King release notes This release contains 4 new legendaries – Doppelbot, Everflow Eidolon, Dragonwake and Varna, Immortal King. There are two new campaign missions. Each can be unlocked with gold or silver. Dragonwake and Varna, Immortal King are the rewards for these missions. These rewards… Read More ›

New Card Preview: DoppleBot

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As we near our next release of content, you can expect to see some previews pop up. That, my friends, is exactly what I have to offer you today. Dopplebot has a very unique effect that we haven’t seen before. A repeatable way to get information, and buff himself with… Read More ›