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Solforge Design: On the Clock

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Hi Everyone, So,lately I’ve been writing articles about some of the R&D work we do here. It’s been mostly focused on high level conceptual stuff and how it applies to SolForge. I’m going to take a little break from that and switch it up a little. Today I want to… Read More ›

Some Casual Reading for the Downtime!

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the factions within Solis have grown insular.  The expanding threat of the Darkforged and the increased isolation of each faction have caused the factions to react in different ways.  Tribes becoming united, leaders exerting control through political or tactical strageties.  In Anvillon, Ironbeard exerted further control from his tower, unleashing… Read More ›

Darkforge Uprising: Factions United preview!

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Welcome Forgeborne! Josh the Intern here. I’m Super excited to give ya guys all the information regarding our upcoming release events and the awesome new things coming in Darkforge Uprising: Factions United. In the last set we saw the Darkforged unleashed upon Solis and how much chaos they could cause…. Read More ›