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October Changes to Titanium Standings

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Hello everyone! With only a few hours left to go in this particular ranked season, the reason why you’re here: starting with our Ranked season starting October 1st, 2016 and ending October 31st, 2016, Titanium standings will be determined solely by games played after reaching Titanium! As before, your standings… Read More ›

Weekend Warrior: Set 4 Through 7 Constructed

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<p style=”color: #222222″>TheWeekend Warrior this weekend is Set 4 Through 7 Constructed! Starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 29th, starting at 12:00pm Pacific, you’ll be able to battle with decks that can contain cards from ONLY Imprisoned Heralds, Reign of Varna, Darkforge Uprising and Raiders Unchained! This is NOT a phantom event, so you… Read More ›

Weekend Warrior: Forgemaster

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Fellow Forgeborn, I have the distinct honor of announcing that our Weekend Warrior this weekend will be Forgemaster! Following the release of Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge, we decided we’d like to let you guys play around with the new cards, so starting this Thursday, September 22nd at noon Pacific until… Read More ›