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Constructed Pioneering

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Hello fellow Forgeborn! My name is Pion, and my history with SolForge goes back to even before the first client was released, and we played the game on the forums using spreadsheets to determine the draws. Many of you may know me merely from having played a lot of Solforge and… Read More ›

Final Community Draft Pool Voting Results

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Hi everyone! The voting for the next draft pool has officially closed! Our Commons that won were: Alloyin: NexusPilot, Forgeplate Sentry, and Aetherforge Oracle Nekrium: Witherfrost Banshee, Blightskull Phantasm, and Spiritleash Tempys: Kadrasian Stoneback, Razortooth Stalker, and Volcanic Giant Uterra: Grove Huntress, Roaming Warclaw, and Stag of Lys These commons will join the winners of our previous rounds in the… Read More ›