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Scheduled Downtime Monday Sept 18th

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Soft Downtime around 4 pm PDT Hard Downtime one hour later Estimated downtime: 8 hours Changes: We’re moving the database to a new server. Several new once per account achievements have been added. Support for GZIP communication with platform added for clients that support it. (KUSC 0.70+) Fix for the… Read More ›

State of the Forge – August

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State of the Forge Hey everyone, sorry this is a bit late. I’ve been super busy working on solforge. Here’s where we are this month: Rebalance: Some love it, some hate it, but steam charts and internal monitoring shows an increase in activity since it came out. I hope everyone’s… Read More ›

Scheduled Downtime – Monday

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Looking to push two small changes that hopefully will improve the game. Soft downtime should be about 5pm Monday EDT. Hard downtime will be an hour later. Total downtime is estimated at about 3 hours. Changes: When someone times out the person who times out will not receive credit toward… Read More ›