FAQ / Are there cards I can only get by paying money?

Daily rewards reset each day at midnight Pacific time (GMT-8).
Yes.  You can earn rewards while you practice playing against the computer, dosage buy
except for the First Online Win.
Yes! You earn 100 Silver for each win, viagra visit web up to a total of 2000 Silver per day.
Silver is earned for free through your daily rewards and can also be created by scrapping excess cards, link while Gold can be purchased with real money.  You can use each of these currencies to buy things from our in-game store, malady including packs of cards, game skins, additional deck slots, and more. Silver can also be used to Forge individual cards of your choice in the Collection screen.
Booster packs contain six cards, healing at least one of which is Rare or higher.

Set specific booster packs include six cards, symptoms at least one of which is a Heroic or higher.

Legendary Chests include ten cards, with at least one Legendary and at least three cards of Heroic rarity or higher.

You can find cards of every rarity in any pack.  The different rarities in SolForge are Common, Rare, Heroic, and Legendary.
No. All gameplay-unique cards are available to free-to-play SolForge players. Some premium cards with unique art or animations may only be available for purchase or through tournament rewards, buy
but a gameplay-identical version of those cards will be able to be earned for free.

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