How can I Forge cards I don’t have?

In order to Forge cards you don’t have any copies of already, you need to use the Advanced Search Options accessed under the search field. Once you have opened the Advanced Search Options, toggle the “Unowned” filter to see cards you do not currently have in your collection. Find the card you want to Forge, and open it in large card view. Then, you can create one or more from the Forging menu.

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Earning & Collecting Cards

Do I start with any cards when I make my account?

Every new account starts with two preconstructed starter decks including 30 cards each to get you playing right away, as well as 100,000 Silver to spend as you wish.

How can I get new cards?

Youcan get additional cards through daily rewards, or by purchasing booster packs from the store with in-game currency.

What are the different daily rewards and what do I get for them?

Thereare currently five different daily rewards: 
1) Login: Random amount of Silver, which is one of our in-game currencies.
2) First online win: 1 booster, which contains random card including the chance at legendary cards .
3) Play 3 online games: 1 ticket, which is used to enter into tournaments.
4) Play 4 online games: 1 ticket, which is used to enter into tournaments.
5) Play 8 online games: 1 ticket, which is used to enter into tournaments.

Online games are any games vs other people, including challenging a friend.

When do daily rewards reset?

Dailyrewards reset each day at midnight Pacific time (GMT-8).

How do I get Silver and Gold? What can I do with them?

Silveris earned for free through your daily rewards and can also be created by scrapping excess cards, while Gold can be purchased with real money.  You can use each of these currencies to buy things from our in-game store, including packs of cards, game skins, additional deck slots, and more. Silver can also be used to Forge individual cards of your choice in the Collection screen.

What do I get in the different kinds of packs and chests?

Boosterpacks contain six cards, at least one of which is Rare or higher.

Set specific booster packs include six cards, at least one of which is a Heroic or higher.

Legendary Chests include ten cards, with at least one Legendary and at least three cards of Heroic rarity or higher.

You can find cards of every rarity in any pack.  The different rarities in SolForge are Common, Rare, Heroic, and Legendary.

Are there cards I can only get by paying money?

No.All gameplay-unique cards are available to free-to-play SolForge players. Some premium cards with unique art or animations may only be available for purchase or through tournament rewards, but a gameplay-identical version of those cards will be able to be earned for free.

Is there anything I can do with my extra copies of cards?

Yes!In the Collection screen, you can use the Forging option to exchange extra copies of cards for Silver. You can scrap cards to turn them into silver or forge cards with silver!

Will there be new cards released at some point?

Yes. We will periodically release new cards for SolForge, which will be available in packs or through daily rewards once they’re live.


What are the rules for building a deck in SolForge? How many different factions can I play? How many cards do I have to include in my deck?

SolForgedeck must contain exactly 30 cards from no more than two factions, and may contain no more than three copies of any particular card.

I built a deck but I’m out of saved deck slots. What can I do?

Youcan either save over one of your existing decks or purchase an additional deck slot from the in-game store.

I saved a deck and can’t find it when I tried to make a game! What’s going on?

Ifyou save a deck that violates the deckbuilding rules, you will be unable to load it when you attempt to create a game.  Check to ensure your deck adheres to the rules above.


I hear cards level up in SolForge. How does that work?

Wheneveryou play a card, that card levels up into a higher level and usually more powerful version.

So what happens when I play a card?

When you play a card, two things happen.  First, the card has its effect.  If it is a creature, it enters the field and if it is a spell, it has the effect listed in its text box. Then a higher-level version of that card goes to your discard pile.Playing-Cards-(leveling)

What happens to the cards I don’t play on my turn?

Atthe end of your turn, you discard the remaining cards in your hand to your discard pile then draw a hand of five new cards.  Cards discarded this way do not level up.

When can I draw my higher leveled cards?

Everyfour turns,you increase in rank.  When you do, you reshuffle all of the cards in your discard pile together with your deck before drawing a new hand of five cards for your next turn.  This allows you to start drawing your higher level cards.

Do creatures on the field have to die or remain on the field before I can play their higher-level versions?

No. Creatures on the field aren’t tied to your ability to draw or play their higher-level versions.

I played a card and leveled it up, and then drew a level one version of that card later on. What happened?

Onlythe copy of a card you play levels up.  Other copies of the same card in your deck are unaffected.  If you have more than one copy of the same card in your deck, you have to level them all up individually.

I only have one copy of a creature in my deck, but I somehow ended up drawing the card while I still have the creature in play. How is that possible?

Creaturesin play are not tied to the cards in your deck.  You could play your creature right before gaining a rank, and then draw the card again after reshuffling while the creature is still in play.

Some cards like Ghox, Metamind Paragon let me draw extra cards. What happens if I run out of cards to draw in my deck?

If you run out of cards in your deck, you reshuffle and continue drawing as normal.  If you reshuffle in this way, you cannot draw cards with a higher level than your current rank.

Ghox, Metamind Paragon-3

My opponent played a level two card that he never played at level one! How is that possible?

Some cards, like Technosmith, allow players to level cards without playing them.  Cards leveled in this way are not revealed to the opponent, so it is possible for your opponent to play a leveled-up card you haven’t seen before.


Do my cards remain leveled-up when I play a new game?

No. Your cards level up within the context of an individual game.  When you start a new game, your cards will begin again at level one.

Playing the Game

Who can I play against? Can I play with my friends?

Youcan play against the computer, random online opponents, or against your friends.  You make this selection each time you create a game, after you choose which deck to play.

How can I find my friends? And who are these people on my friends list? I didn’t add them.

Youcan search for your friends by their SolForge username once you choose to play against an Online Friend.  Names you don’t recognize are players you recently played against in the random queue, who are automatically added so you can easily find rematches.  You can remove them by clicking the “X” in the upper corner of their nameplate.

How do random online matches work? Won’t I just lose to more experienced players if I just started playing?

SolForgeuses a matchmaking algorithm to pair you against opponents of similar skill level.  When you’re just starting out, you’ll usually get paired with other relatively new players.

Is there any way for me to see what happened on my opponent’s turn? I missed it!

Yes,you can review previous turns in the game log, which is located on the left of the screen. If you click on the icon you can get the full log.  In the game log, you can see all of the previous actions in the game, and can view enlarged versions of any card mentioned by selecting them.

Why am I taking damage from my opponent’s creatures on my own turn?

Creatureson the offensive will always battle when a player presses the battle button, even if it’s not their controller’s turn.  Your creatures will battle when your opponent presses the battle button too.


How do I enter tournaments?

Youcan enter tournaments using the tournament tab on the SolForge home screen.  Tournaments require event tickets to enter, which you can purchase from the store with either Gold or Silver, as well as earn as a part of your daily rewards.  Heads Up Constructed tournaments entry is one event ticket, and draft tournament entry is four event tickets. Weekend Warriors are special events that run on weekends. Their entry fee varies with each event.

When do tournaments run? I don’t see a schedule!

Tournamentsin SolForge are always running, and you don’t have to adhere to a schedule to play in them!  SolForge tournaments are three rounds, and you can play those rounds whenever is convenient for you. Individual tournament matches are timed, but you can complete your rounds whenever you want. You could sit down and play all of your rounds at once, or spread them out over the span of an entire day or even longer if that is what is convenient for you.  When you choose to play your rounds, you will be paired with someone else who is in a similar place in their tournament to you.

How do pairings work in tournaments? Can I get paired with someone who has a different record?

Pairingsin tournaments are based upon your current record in the event.  The system will look for someone you have not yet played in the tournament with your same record to match you with.  If an opponent within those parameters is not found in a certain length of time, the parameters widen, which can allow you to be paired with someone who has a different record than your own.

How do tournament prizes work?

Tournamentsin SolForge award prizes after you have completed the event. The prizes you receive can include Silver, packs, and single cards.  These prizes can vary between events, and the range of possible prizes gets better as your record in the tournament improves.

Can I drop from a tournament and receive my entry fee back?

No. Once you have entered into an event, even if you have not yet played a round or picked a card in draft, you will not receive your entry fee back if you drop.

If I drop from a tournament, will I receive prizes?

Yes. If you drop from an event, you will receive prizes based upon the number of wins you have earned at the time you dropped from the event.

What is draft? How does it work?

Ina draft tournament, you use a new deck that you build as you go by picking cards from random selections.  In SolForge draft, you will first see a pack of six heroic cards and will choose one of them.  After that, you will see packs of progressively smaller size – five cards, then four, then three, then two, before again seeing a pack of six cards.  You will pick one card from each selection until you have a deck of thirty cards.  Once you pick cards from two separate factions, you will no longer see cards from the other factions.  Once you have finished picking your draft deck of thirty cards, you will be able to start playing your matches.

Do I keep the cards I draft?

Ina normal draft, yes you keep the cards. In special Weekend Warrior draft you may or may not keep the cards depending on the event. Read the details of the specific event.

Am I drafting against other players? What determines what cards are taken from the smaller packs?

Draftingin SolForge is a solo activity.  You don’t have to wait on other players to make their picks, and you can draft at any time of day without waiting for an event to fill up.  However, other players’ picks still influence what you see in a draft.  Every pack in draft is generated with six cards, and then cards are removed from it based on an algorithm that takes into account how frequently players take those cards. If you identify an undervalued card amongst the community at large, you can benefit by knowing there is a good chance you will see that card late in a draft.

Timing & Effects

What is the timing of triggered effects? If I play a Ferocious Roar with Wildwood Sower in play, does the Seedling gain the bonus from Ferocious Roar?

Triggeredeffects occur after the resolution of the effect that caused them.  In this example, Ferocious Roar’s effect occurs immediately when you play it, giving all of your creatures that are currently in play a bonus.  After that, the game checks for any triggered effects waiting to occur, and you put a Seedling into one of your lanes with Wildwood Sower’s ability.

Ferocious Roar-3Wildwood Sower-3