FAQ / How can I get new cards?

SolForge is a digital collectible game in which players take on the role of Forgeborn, information pills wielders of the powerful magic of the SolForge, and build decks of creature and spell cards to battle against opponents.
SolForge is currently available on on PC via Steam, viagra 100mg as well as on iOS and Android tablets and phones.
You can download SolForge via the iTunes App Store, recipe Google Play Store, or using Steam on PC.
SolForge is absolutely free to download.  New accounts begin with two preconstructed decks, find and you can earn additional cards just by playing the game.
If you experience any problems with the game, more about please contact SolForge support using our support form at solforgegame.com/support and provide as much information as possible about your issue.  The more information you are able to give us, the faster we can help resolve your problems.
You can get additional cards through daily rewards, cost or by purchasing booster packs from the store with in-game currency.

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