FAQ / How do random online matches work? Won’t I just lose to more experienced players if I just started playing?

You can either save over one of your existing decks or purchase an additional deck slot from the in-game store.
You can play against the computer, approved random online opponents, or against your friends.  You make this selection each time you create a game, after you choose which deck to play.
You can search for your friends by their SolForge username once you choose to play against an Online Friend.  Names you don’t recognize are players you recently played against in the random queue, purchase who are automatically added so you can easily find rematches.  You can remove them by clicking the “X” in the upper corner of their nameplate.
SolForge uses a matchmaking algorithm to pair you against opponents of similar skill level.  When you’re just starting out, visit this site you’ll usually get paired with other relatively new players.

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