FAQ / What is draft? How does it work?

Tournaments in SolForge award prizes after you have completed the event. The prizes you receive can include Silver, thumb packs, and single cards.  These prizes can vary between events, and the range of possible prizes gets better as your record in the tournament improves.
No.  Once you have entered into an event, clinic even if you have not yet played a round or picked a card in draft, you will not receive your entry fee back if you drop.
Yes.  If you drop from an event, drugs you will receive prizes based upon the number of wins you have earned at the time you dropped from the event.
Pairings in tournaments are based upon your current record in the event.  The system will look for someone you have not yet played in the tournament with your same record to match you with.  If an opponent within those parameters is not found in a certain length of time, stomach the parameters widen, which can allow you to be paired with someone who has a different record than your own.
In a normal draft, treatment yes you keep the cards. In special Weekend Warrior draft you may or may not keep the cards depending on the event. Read the details of the specific event.
In a draft tournament, information pills you use a new deck that you build as you go by picking cards from random selections.  In SolForge draft, you will first see a pack of six heroic cards and will choose one of them.  After that, you will see packs of progressively smaller size – five cards, then four, then three, then two, before again seeing a pack of six cards.  You will pick one card from each selection until you have a deck of thirty cards.  Once you pick cards from two separate factions, you will no longer see cards from the other factions.  Once you have finished picking your draft deck of thirty cards, you will be able to start playing your matches.

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