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Triggered effects occur after the resolution of the effect that caused them.  In this example, cost Ferocious Roar’s effect occurs immediately when you play it, approved giving all of your creatures that are currently in play a bonus.  After that, approved the game checks for any triggered effects waiting to occur, and you put a Seedling into one of your lanes with Wildwood Sower’s ability.

Ferocious Roar-3Wildwood Sower-3
Effects that trigger simultaneously in SolForge resolve in a random order.  For instance, more about if a Flameblade Champion (who deals damage to all creatures an opponent controls when it deals battle damage to them) hit an opponent whose Fleshfiend (which returns at a lower level when it dies) died due to battle damage, website like this whether the Fleshfiend would return to play before or after the Flameblade Champion trigger occurs is random.  Half of the time the Fleshfiend would return first and take damage from the Flameblade Champion’s ability, about it and half of the time it would return afterwards and receive no damage.

In this case, the events happen like this:

  1. Battle damage occurs, killing Fleshfiend
  2. Both Fleshfiend and Flameblade Champion abilities trigger.
    • 50% of the time Fleshfiend resolves first, returning to play, then Flameblade Champion deals damage to all opposing creatures, including the Fleshfiend.
    • 50% of the time Flameblade Champion resolves first, dealing damage to all opposing creatures before the Fleshfiend returns to play, and then the Fleshfiend returns unscathed.


However, all effects that occur as part of the same batch of effects will resolve before checking for creature death from damage.  For example, if one creature had an ability from dealing battle damage that gave every creature -100 Health, and another creature had an ability from dealing battle damage that gave every creature +100 Health, no matter what order these abilities occurred in, no creatures would die as a result of their effects.

Flameblade Champion-3 Fleshfiend-3

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