What Is SolForge?

The creators of Ascension and Magic: The Gathering have joined forces to create a revolutionary digital trading card game.

SolForge combines all of the strategy and depth of a traditional trading card game experience with the convenience of online and mobile gaming. Players can experience Solforge absolutely free and can grow their collection just by playing the game.
Build your own decks to play against your friends, compete in online tournaments, and earn rewards!

Play wherever and whenever you want, for as long or as short as you please. Bring your SolForge experience with you wherever you go!


Who Are We?

The team behind SolForge has years of experience making and playing games, and this project is the culmination of lifetimes devoted to gaming. We created Ascension, the award-winning deckbuilding game and iOS app, and our design and development credits prior to becoming Stone Blade Entertainment include many other games you may have played and enjoyed.