2/11/2016 Solforge Patch Article

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Hi everyone,

ItsSBE Gary again, bringing you some information about the upcoming card update. It has been a bit over two months since our massive update to the card pool. This update will not be to the same scale as our previous patch, but we feel confident that it will make a significant impact to the Solforge metagame. In this article, I will talk about some of the changes that are coming, reasons behind the changes, when the patch will go live and the full patch notes.

The goal

The goal for this update is fairly straightforward. Overall, it is to extend constructed game length while continuing to build upon the increased metagame diversity we have been seeing. We feel that the last update did a good job of increasing player options when building decks. We saw different archetypes and strategies emerge with great effectiveness. However, there are still issues that need improvement. Much of the upcoming patch will be to address these issues.

Adjusting cards in such a vast cardpool almost always has impact that reaches far beyond what someone would first assume. There will always be a best card, so just constantly reducing the power level of the most powerful cards would never resolve anything. Because of this, we have to take a more precision based approach that attempts to consider what metagame will exist after all the changes are in and the dust settles.

Let’s talk specifics

One change that comes with this update is that player starting health will increase to 120. As always, we considered many ways to go about reaching our goal of increasing average game length. In the end, increasing player starting health was something we saw as a very sure way to make games last longer.

Numerous cards are receiving nerfs, so I won’t go into specifics on each of them. Some of the most noteworthy cards on this list are Dozer, Lifeblood Dryad, Ignir and Ebonskull Knight. These are prime examples of cards that were showing up with such a high degree of frequency and potency, that we came to the conclusion that there was need for action taken against them. The cases for nerfing each of these cards vary from one another, but they did share some qualities in common. Each of these cards were incredibly strong at nearly every stage of a game, had few exploitable and identifiable weaknesses, and were causing games to snowball / end very quickly. It is my belief that even after the decrease in overall power that these cards are receiving, they will still find homes in competitive decks.

Examples of cards that will be receiving buffs are Oratek Battlebrand, Oreian Justicar and Oros. Again, the specific reasons for increasing the power of these cards vary from card to card. Each of these cards were already relevant in the metagame, so it may seem odd that they received power increases. However, because they are the types cards that help us move towards our goal, we felt that giving them buffs would be very beneficial. Each are defensive in nature and are powerful tools to extend game length. It is our hope that the minor increases to these types of cards will allow more games to last into player rank 3 and beyond.

So, with this bit of context about our approach to keep in mind, here are the patch notes…


  • Player starting health in all formats changed to 120 (used to be 100)
    • Arboris and Dysian Sludge adjusted to reflect this
  • Many card text to functionality fixes

Card Changes

  • Dendrify – Now has Overload at level 3
  • Dozer – Stat change to 0/9, 0/12, 0/15 and ability now puts in a 9/9, 12/12, 15/15 Dozer the Awakened.
    • Dozer the Awakened now has -health equal to the damage the original Dozer took to trigger.
  • Ebonskull Knight – Stat change to 9/7, 13/11, 18/16 (used to be 9/9, 13/13, 18/18)
  • Echowisp – Stat change to 7/1 at level 1 (used to be 6/1)
  • Forge Guardian Omega – Stat change to 25/25 at level 1 and 50/50 at level 2 (used to be 20/20, 40/40)
  • Heart Tree – Now is a 0/10 at level 1 (used to be 0/8)
  • Ignir – Stat change to 4/4 at level 1 and 8/8 at level 2 (used to be 5/5, 9/9). Ability now deals 4 damage at level 1 and 8 at level 2 (used to be 5, 9)
  • Lifeblood Dryad – Stat change to 4/4, 7/7, 9/9 (used to be 5/5, 7/7, 9/9) and ability no longer pumps itself.
  • Metatransfer – Now gives -5, -7, -9 attack (used to be 3, 7, 11)
  • Oratek Battlebrand – Now deals +1 damage at all three levels.
  • Oreian Justicar – Stat change to 5/8 at level 1 (used to be 4/7)
  • Oros – Stat change to 7/7 at level 1 and 11/11 at level 2 (used to be 6/6, 10/10)
  • Patron of Tarsus – Stat change to 5/4, 9/7, 14/11 (used to be 6/4, 11/7, 17/12)
  • Scatterspore Eidolon – Ability now creates 3/3, 5/5, 7/7 plants (used to be 1/1, 3/3, 5/5)
  • Sparky – Creature type now “Robot Guardian”
  • Tendrils of Twilight (Duskmaw solbind spell) – Now gives an additional -6/-6, -8/-8, -10/-10 to creatures that share a lane with Duskmaw (used to destroy)
  • War Tinker – Reworked to replace itself with a random robot from your deck at the end of the opponent’s next turn.
  • Wildfire Maiden – Ability no longer damages players.
  • Windspark Elemental – Stat change to 5/14 at level 2 and 8/21 at level 3 and ability now deals 2 / 4 / 6 damage (used to be x / x / 2x)
  • Zarox – Ability now gives +1 attack, +2 attack, +4 attack (used to be 2, 3, 4)

So, when is it??

Servers will enter soft downtime at 10am PST on Thursday, February 11th. No new games will be able to start during soft downtime but in progress games will have one hour to complete. Once an hour of soft downtime passes, the servers will go offline for about 2 hours. We expect to have the game back up and running by 1pm PST. At that point you can enjoy the new changes, as well as the Weekend Warrior – Guaranteed Legendary Draft!!

Wrapping it up

Lastly, I want to thank the community for the feedback that we have received up to this point on the rebalance. Praises, criticisms and everything in between, the amount of dedicated players that are providing us with their perspective makes this level of rework possible. We hope that this update will be a significant step in the right direction for Solforge. As always, continue telling us what you think about the changes and/or additional changes you want to see.

Stay tuned for my next update that will focus on new client progress!



SBE Gary Arant


  1. BadCatMan

    Hello all! I’ve been playing Solforge for quite some time now (since about april-may 2014) but I haven’t really been to involved with the community up until this point. I think this is a great and innovative game and I have fallen deeply in love with it. That said, while I am so happy to see the meta being steered towards longevity, this particular patch has me a little discouraged. Particularly with the Tempys nerfs.

    As someone who has been playing for a while, I worked really hard to collect and build the best possible deck for dealing effect damage to creatures and players. This patch is an outright slap in the face to all that hard work. Effect damage based decks had a hard enough time keeping up with some of the powerhouse deck builds of the previous meta (individual skill aside). Wildfire Maiden has been a longtime favorite card of mine long before her recent changes, and her current nerf has completely ruined my most cherished deck build. It is hard enough for decks like this to keep the pace with other decks that focus on offensive creatures, and its no secret that effect damage creatures are generally lacking in their otherwise offensive capacity. Not being able to apply pressure to both creatures and players simultaneously has crippled these types of strategies from my perspective.

    Windspark was another obvious addition I made to my deck, upon its release. And although he can be very overwhelming, he is a “legendary” card. He should be scary, and now he’s almost laughable. The same goes for Dozer in my opinion (even though I don’t own him). He’s a legendary creature and he should be able to turn the tide for you! And its not like he was unstoppable before. Hello Xraths Will?!? Spirit Cleave anybody?!? This change to Dozer does not certainly stop the Static Shock etc/Dozer combo, so I actually fail to see the defining change that was trying to be made.

    Decks structured around effect damage ARE rush decks. Temyps IS a rush faction. If any of the 4 factions should retain the ability to end a game quickly, it should be Tempys. Creatures and spells of that nature cannot hold out against other deck types in a metagame that is focusing on longevity. Not everybody is playing these types of rush decks. I very seldom encounter effect damage Tempys decks, and when I do, I enjoy having to work hard not to get shut down by the power of a well-played strategy of that nature.

    I implore you, please reconsider this decision, or at least, think about reworking it differently.


  2. SKiTHx

    Dozer was hit too hard. He was barely playable in his ORIGINAL form, then buffed as we all know, but now you are putting him down to LOWER THAN HIS ORIGINAL power… why? You have made the card UNUSABLE instead of another option. Combine this with the extra 20 hp, and you have a dead card.

    nice to see metatransfer get some love.

    on behalf of most people i’ve spoken too, i’d like to reiterate that we want shardplate mutant to be revamped. this card seems so cool but it is just too damning. I’ve used him in draft (when it was actually in the pool) and that was cool, but there is no real good way to use him in current constructed.

    will future sets let you interact more with cards in your discard pile?

    lastly, and this is specifically for mobile users… Can you make the new iphone app of solforge retain it’s information when you exit the app and return to it? it is one of the only apps that exists anymore that constantly makes itself restart from scratch each and every time i move to home screen or webpage or whatever and back to it.

  3. MrJapco

    I`m not really going to comment before actually trying the new cards/meta out but I just want to say thank you for FINALLY adressing Duskmaw. Should have happend a long time ago but as they say, better late than never.

  4. Holyghost5514

    The life to 120 is very interesting and huge. Makes getting to level 3-4 more feasible, and have the game Solforge that is about leveling, have leveling decisions actually matter. Kind of a large sweeping nerf to all creatures attacks across the board. Something the game probably needed. I think I like it.

    Dendrify- Strange uneeded nerf on a card that was barely played
    Dozer- Perfect fix
    Ebonskull Knight- Good change easier to kill
    Echowisp- ok
    Omega- whatever still not happening
    Ignir- Change level 1 and 2 instead of level 3 which is what makes it busted. should have just made lvl 3 random to one target and left level1 and 2 alone.
    Heat tree- Ok
    Lifeblood Dryad- Good change
    Metatransfer- Ok, Now for sure one of my new favorite draft cards
    Battlebrand- Ok
    Orien Justicar- Good change
    Oros- Kinda busted now
    Patron of Tarsus- Perfect Fix
    Scatterspore Ediolon- Much better now possible too good
    Sparky- Whatever
    Duskmaw/Tendrils- Back to No constructed playable under-drop Removal, Bad for Game, and level screw problems.
    War tinker- Wrong part of the growbots deck to Nerf, Some lists didnt even play this card. Combine with nerfs to N/T this deck will probably be unstoppable juggernaught now.
    Wildfire maiden- Back to the trash bin
    Windspark elemental- Straight to unplayable oblivion
    Zarox- Strange nerf, Probably makes unplayable…. again

    1. [SBE] Joshua

      Once Again Wanted to also thank you guys for so much amazing feedback. We have such a passionate community. It is an amazing feeling to be a part of

      Please play with the cards a bit before going crazy about what deck is DEFINITELY going to be too good :)

      Here is a brief response to Holy ghost as he went over most of the cards individually
      Dendrify- Strange uneeded nerf on a card that was barely played (It is the go to removal spell in the UA control decks and is an absolute monster with NOVA, also strange to have the best removal be a Uterra card)
      Dozer- Perfect fix
      Ebonskull Knight- Good change easier to kill
      Echowisp- ok
      Omega- whatever still not happening( I do this on the regular. You just have to be willing to lose some to get there haha)
      Ignir- Change level 1 and 2 instead of level 3 which is what makes it busted. should have just made lvl 3 random to one target and left level 1 and 2 alone.( Level 3 doing it to a random target is not very busted for a level 3 card was my main thought. also he is a it to relevant right now as a reusable removal source in the Nek splash Tempys Decks. When he starts coming back with Echoes ect. Can be very troublesome to deal with Early. This should minimize that while still giving him a sweet level 3 ability)
      Heat tree- Ok
      Lifeblood Dryad- Good change
      Metatransfer- Ok, Now for sure one of my new favorite draft cards
      Battlebrand- Ok
      Orien Justicar- Good change
      Oros- Kinda busted now( should have been busted earlier IMO
      Patron of Tarsus- Perfect Fix (Josh Bows respectfully)
      Scatterspore Ediolon- Much better now possible too good( on my radar too but I want to see him get played :)
      Sparky- Whatever
      Duskmaw/Tendrils- Back to No constructed playable under-drop Removal, Bad for Game, and level screw problems. ( I think a good chunk of Nek Removal right now is actually fine as an underdrop, Current, cleave, and Grave Pact all go up. For far too long Duskmaw is just seeing far too much action in every single Nek List. Pinnacle of an overplayed deck, But I understand you love him! I do too, but I think it is time we look at some other possibilities that may be less constant)
      War tinker- Wrong part of the growbots deck to Nerf, Some lists didnt even play this card. Combine with nerfs to N/T this deck will probably be unstoppable juggernaught now.( There were numerous other Nerfs to Growbots Sir. I’m confident that it will remain a fun competitive deck but will not spiral out of control even with the new changes)
      Wildfire maiden- Back to the trash bin
      Windspark elemental- Straight to unplayable oblivion( certainly requires a difffernt archtype and some more thought to make a deck around him now. But at least he is not dealing 60+with firestorm. Works better this way with a few things though, Here comes the poison)
      Zarox- Strange nerf, Probably makes unplayable…. again( He is still a fine card for NEK Tempys decks to run. He is not nearly as powerful, but that unfortunately was the plan. The growth before often got out of control)

      I hope some of my thoughts can help you get a better idea of where I was at personally. Like gary had mentioned it it is a difficult task to go in and make these kinds of precision changes.

      Look forward to battling with all of you in the coming weeks :)

  5. mister_VWP

    love all adjustements except for;

    -Lifeblood Drya: to hard nerf returning to original would have been suficient, (not buffing it self is hasch)

    -Ignir: needed a nerf but it needs a level 3 nerf , the level 3 is to good since its a garanteed 28 damage (14 creature and 14 player). would have been better if left 5 5 and 8 8 but remove the garanteed player damage on level 3

    Also like the 120 health idea although given current speed 150 would work aswel xd

    Overal realy good so lets see how it turns out ;)

    1. [SBE] Joshua

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I promise we tried 150 too ;)

      Ignir: Nerfing the Level three just felt so anti climatic to me. A large portion of the annoyance was how many creatures he was killing and getting out of the way to get you to level 3. Don’t get me wrong his level three is extremely powerful and for good reason. He’s the MAN! The hope is that by making the other levels a bit less that he will be easier to deal with early and not have so much of an annoyance factor when coming down early or multiples thanks to echoes and pact ect.)

  6. Nickelleon

    Thanks for the update Gary! These changes are going to go a long way to addressing meta game problems that exist today. I can tell you’ve listened to the community and fixed a lot of problem cards. I look forward to discussing the changes on the forum, and to continue to provide valuable feedback.

    Is this the last phase of the rebalance? I believe it was mentioned that it will be a 2-phase effort, so I just want to confirm that it’s finished.

    1. [SBE] Joshua

      Is a Game ever really 100% balanced Sir :)

      We will continue taking feedback for sure while we get the new hottness out.

      These articles will continue keep you guys in the loop and reminded that we love your passion and are definitely listening.

      Thank again for your presence Nickelleon

      1. Nickelleon

        I didn’t ask if the game was balanced, I asked if the rebalance is finished. Is there going to be a phase 3? phase 8? how big of a scope are these phases? Based on your reply, it sounds like there will be another phase…

        I want to write articles, market the game, buy preconstructed decks, and collect metagame stats, but if the entire cardpool is a target for change, then my efforts will be for naught. I understand that specific problem cards will be changed as the game grows, but this “Grand Rebalance” is an event, and not a common occurence. I’m looking for clarification that the Grand Rebalance is complete.

  7. solwill

    This looks like some really awesome changes, you seem to have removed most of the unenjoyable combos that have been in the game recently. I do think you may have forgotten about Chrogias though, his power level is kind of unreasonable right now I would say. Very much looking forward for what’s coming to the game of Solforge!

    1. JimbozGrapes

      yeah, I forsee myself and chrogias being good buddies in the near future. As someone that has played quite a bit with that deck, I can tell you right now that its going to be one of if not the best deck after this set of changes. The only decks I lost to were windspark elemental decks, and the nerf to dendrify is barely a factor considering you still have energy prison which was IMO just as good. Not to mention the additional 20 life… but I don’t mind cus its my favorite deck =D, so I will enjoy getting my elite tix.

  8. Thalia

    Thank you for the update!

    I still think Doppelbot needs to gain aggressive when he’s replaced with your opponent’s creature. Otherwise it takes 2 turns. Make him useable! :)

  9. truckasawrus

    Nice one Gary, thanks for the update. I suppose the 2nd card rebalance is the first step towards the New Client and then Set 7, Yay! Very exciting times. Not too happy about the Justicar getting a buff, (one of my friends loves this chap and uses it all the time, he will be cheering) but I think that he probably needed it.

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