50% Off Sale This Week!!!

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so make sure to check in daily and really take advantage. The sale will take place on both the website as well as in the in game client.

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  1. Rhode

    so no way to buy any of the pre cons with gold except for the newest 2? disappointing, as i had a lot of gold saved up for a sale, but can’t use it to buy what i really want in the client…am i missing something? anyway to use gold to pay for website purchases since I’m using my in game login credentials?

  2. hewimeddel

    It is still not possible to buy gold for us europeans, which was confirmed in a ticket i opened. This is really frustrating, because it worked some time ago. Why are we prevented from taking part in this sale?

  3. zatreal

    Please don’t forget to add the previous two sets of two preconstructed decks to the in game client for this sale as they never got to be available at half off their gold price unlike all the previous decks before they rotated out of the in game store.

    1. hewimeddel

      on the website store all of the old prercon-decks can be bought.
      Where there any new precon-decks for the release of set 5.0? I don´t see any.

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