A Freshly Polished Screenshot, New Preview Cards & Wallpapers!

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This holiday season, the SolForge team is thankful for the incredible community that has sprung up around the game in such a short period of time. Your excitement and support is what has made this game possible, and we would not have made it this far without you.

As a show of thanks, we have some exciting updates to share with you . We’ve been hard at work getting SolForge up and running, and today you’re going to get the first look at the sweet new game screens we’ve been working on!


As you can see, the background has been completely redone to mesh more with the ice-covered world of SolForge. We’ve also started using the SolForge icon to indicate that a creature is in “defensive mode” and won’t attack during the battle phase (previously, we just used greyed out art to indicate this). Card frames are also being updated for each card type to make it even easier to quickly identify cards at a glance. More features and elements are still on the way, but we are pretty excited about the progress so far.

Those of you who have been following SolForge closely over the past few months probably noticed some new cards in there that you haven’t seen before. While we’re not ready to let the cat out of the bag on all of our secrets just yet, we do have a new card preview to share with you today. For those of you who can’t wait until the beta to play with these cards, be sure to check out the Forum Games section on our website, where dedicated fans are playing text-based games with the cards we’ve released so far.


And last but not least – a new wallpaper!

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