Alloyin Faction Starter Preview

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Hello, SolForge fans. My name is Ben Lundquist.  I’m currently an R&D intern here at Stone Blade Entertainment, and I have been given the opportunity to present you with the fourth and final preview of our new Starter Decks. For those of you who have been following along so far, it should come as no surprise that the final deck is from the Alloyin faction.

The Alloyin are known for their advancements in technology and never ending march towards progress. Keeping that in mind, the deck in which we have come up with to represent this faction does not disappoint. One of the directions that this deck can take is to build toward a superior late game, by spending actions on slightly weaker early game cards like Technosmith. Previously Technosmith and his leveling mechanic was a primary highlight of the Alloyin/Tempys Demo Deck, and we’ve built on that theme with the starter deck.


Synapsis Oracle is every bit as good as Technosmith, but also allows for you to not fall behind when there are no good plays for a smaller 2/2 body. Although the effect is not as immediate, it also isn’t hard to imagine being able to activate this card several times over the course of a few turns. Just imagine an end game where you have leveled so many more cards than your opponent and how hard difficult it will be for them to keep up when you’re playing level three cards every turn.. In addition to the size advantage and continuous effect you get out of Synapsis Oracle, take a careful look at the text of this cards level three. Not only does Synapsis Oracle set you up for a strong late game, but the card also generates this effect directly out of your hand once you get its level three online. There is no more waiting around to shuffle your deck and hoping to redraw the leveled cards, like this one for example…


Scrapforge Titan highlights the importance of the leveling mechanic when trying to play for the late game. By discarding this card to one of the other enablers, you will skip straight through the weaker early levels and be able to start powering out the versions that can run away with the game on their own. This one in particular is a huge threat that any other deck won’t be happy to be playing against. Even the second level of Scrapforge Titan can be a pretty annoying card to play against, but the level three version will almost certainly be able to close out a game all by itself.

But that is just one one the potential roads to victory that the Alloyin Starter Deck allows. In addition to leveling your cards and playing for the late game, you can also piece together a powerful Robot with each action of the game. There are plenty of Robots in the deck for you to tinker with, and there are also quite a few enablers that can grant your Robots additional Attack, Health, Armor, or even a combination of the three.


When leveling your cards doesn’t seem appealing, or might not be the best route to victory, there is always the option to go for raw power each step of the way and play cards like Tech Upgrade. Spending actions and investing into a single card can let you put together a virtually unstoppable robotic monster that demands an immediate response from your opponent. It is likely to take the opponent quite a few of their own actions just to keep your Robots from running away with the game, but watch out for any timely removal spells or steady stream of chump blockers when you choose this path.

In addition to these different play patterns, you can also set up favorable trades throughout the game and gradually gain your advantage that way. This allows you to play in a similar fashion to the other decks, but with the ability to completely turn the game around with a card like Brightsteel Sentinel.


This is a robot that means business. When he enters the field, he generates a powerful shield to protect himself and your other Robots from damage for the turn, which can be a game-swinging effect on its own.  On top of that, the Sentinel is also a Robot that comes with one of the bigger bodies out there, especially at the higher levels.. This card is one that can completely turn a game around, or put you even more firmly into the lead if you’re ahead.

Whether by leveling your cards with Technosmith and Synapsis Oracle or creating Robots that pose huge immediate threats, the Alloyin deck gets to play on many different axis. You’ll find any number of different ways to win with this Starter with all of the different interactions and play patterns that the deck provides, which is something that I personally value very highly. This deck is definitely a lot of fun and very powerful as well. If these are things that you are interested in, as I am, then I highly recommend the Alloyin Starter Deck to you.


  1. BrianWeissman

    The Alloyin deck is easily the strongest of the four starters. It completely crushes all the other factions, to the point where you can make numerous mistakes and still win. The Brightsteel Sentinel featured in the article is probably the worst offender. It’s very often a two for zero, or even more. It’s great when you’re in parity, incredible when you’re ahead, and ridiculous when you’re behind. Way too strong, IMO.

    It’s a shame that the might of this faction was done such poor justice by Ben’s writing. Seriously, if you’re going to have articles appear on the front page of your website, have someone do proof reading.

  2. ryno

    Reading my last comment made me realize none of the buffing robots are shown, and yes the sentinel effect is until end of turn but the rest in the deck are not!

    Also, glad your article got to see the light of day after being pushed aside from all the Pax preparation. Look forward to more of your analysis!

  3. ryno

    Thanks for showing me how to use beast robots at Pax this weekend! (This is Ryan Kenny btw) This deck, in particular the sentinel is a blast to play. I think this deck really shows how crazy buffs to creatures can get in SolForge since they are NOT until end of turn. Lot of fun games with these two strategies!

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