Animated Card Preview, A New Card & Ascension Online Kickstarter!

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Itsbeen about a month since we last updated you on our progress with Solforge, and we are proud to say things are coming along great. We are in a crunch mode trying to get the PC beta release and the next update for iOS ready in time for PAXEast. This update will include new card content and some cool screens and features that we preview in our Ascension Online Kickstarter video. One of those new cards is Synapsis Oracle, a cool new Alloyin Creature!

In addition, we have been working on developing the animated cards that only exist thanks to you guys hitting our stretch goals. This is still a work in progress, but we wanted to give our backers a first look at the Scorchmane Dragon come to life!

Pretty cool, huh? There is plenty more on the way and we hope to see many of you at PAXEast where the whole team will be on-site to demo Solforge and Ascension! Even if you can’t make it out to Boston, don’t worry! We’ll have content available for you and will update with a post-show report including pictures from the event.

Stone Blade Entertainment is proud to announce the start of our kickstarter campaign to fund Ascension Online! This kickstarter will bring Ascension to Android and PC in 2013 and will bring exciting new features like tournaments, campaign mode, cross-platform play, and more! There are some great reward tiers for both physical and digital product, and some specials for people who donate early, so please check out the Ascension Online Kickstarter Page.

We are running a very fast (10 Days only) campaign so please check us out and share with your friends so we can get started making this amazing product!


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  2. Nachtfischer

    But what about the future of the iOS version? I understand Playdek will develop Immortal Heroes, but after that? Will there be two Ascensions (the Playdek one and the new in-house Stoneblade one)? Or will the new features (e.g. campaign and faster digital expansion delivery, tournaments) only be available on PC and Android?

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