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Thisis a very difficult announcement for us to make. The journey to create SolForge began more than 5 years ago when I had the privilege of working with Richard Garfield and an incredibly talented team on the initial vision of bringing trading card games properly into the digital age.

Thanks to backing from fans and years of hard work, we launched SolForge in August of 2013, and continued to support and build this amazing community for more than 3 years. Thousands of players have enjoyed millions of games.  That is an amazing milestone that few games will ever reach.  Our community has always been incredibly warm, welcoming, and one of the best I’ve ever seen in my 20 years in the gaming industry.

Everyone here at Stone Blade is honored to have been a part of this journey. Unfortunately, that journey is coming to an end.  As of today, we are ceasing development of new content for the current implementation of SolForge.  We will continue to maintain the servers through the end of January 31, 2017.  This isn’t the way any of us wanted SolForge to end. Unfortunately, we bit off more than we could chew trying to build a digital game of this scope and have learned many hard lessons along the way that we will apply to future games (including future incarnations of SolForge).

I want to apologize to anyone who is disappointed by this decision and let you know that we poured our hearts, souls, pocketbooks, and years of our lives into the success of SolForge. We remain passionate about the SolForge community and we are not done exploring the world of Solis.  We are also speaking with potential partners who may be able to take over the SolForge IP and remain hopeful that SolForge will return one day, better than ever.

Thank you for being a part of this community and for allowing us the opportunity to bring this vision to light.

-Justin Gary

CEO Stone Blade Entertainment



  1. Nostalgick

    Really sorry to see the game go. Thank you so much for all the games. I always thought SolForge was unique among the sea of Hearthstone imitators. Really hope someone else picks up the IP. Best of luck to the team.

  2. Tattered

    I hope SolForge returns one day. It was the one card game for me. I really do hope you can make it return somehow, even if it’s under a different name (probably would be for the best, in fact) and, most importantly, without repeating the same mistakes that drove everybody away from the game. I played Dota for 9 years (since wc3) and, no kidding, SolForge was the game to compete with it for my time. It was amazing and I loved it. I’m glad to hear you haven’t given up on it for the future. Again, I want to see it come back. If it does, I’ll be there.

  3. Leatherface

    It can be sad how times change. Thanks for all the hours of fun in the past couple of years, it was a ride I will remember and I will really miss the game. I hope to see Solforge in some form in the future.

  4. Prospector

    Sad to hear this. I couldn’t believe it when a friend told me at the weekend. I was glad to back the project and thought it highly original, enjoyable experience. Just sad that my backers t-shirt will be pretty much all that remains once the servers go down

  5. mrgerza

    Goodbye Solforge. I spent many years playing you. I’ll always remember my first 4-0 in constructed. Or when I knew my health gain dragon deck was going to make me invincible (it didn’t lol). Goodbye.

  6. Supernaut

    Serious question:

    Have you considered open-sourcing or releasing the code for the client(s) and/or server? Or at the very least releasing the IP and art rights as, at least, a Creative Commons non commercial license?

  7. Sparhawk

    It’s a shame. Solforge had it’s own very unique gameplay and mechanisms.
    I have over 1500hrs of gameplay and have invested a bit of money.
    After the huge UI overhaul, I dumped it for the turd it had become.
    Just couldn’t get over on how badly that got executed, probably one of the bigger events that caused this game to die.

  8. Orion0497

    Like so many others have already said, I’m incredibly sad to see this go. I have been playing since before Rise (though not a kickstarter sadly) and feel the design was on another level compared to most anything I’ve played. Even on the random Q, the game was just flat out fun. The depth of strategy and interactions and the gameplay (5 cards per turn, always!) were so great. You guys (SBE) created something great here, and I’m sorry for you that things turned out this way.

  9. Daveuf

    Terrible news. My favorite game for the last 3 yeas. Had a great thing going. Not sure why you couldn’t make it work. I wonder how much you’re looking to sell for.

  10. costini

    All good things come to an end. However, I feel this is a wrong doing.

    The content should be kept and a new interface should be developed. The issue recently was only the interface.

    This is my input and being honest, the game is by far more addicting than every other game I have played. General input I receive concerns graphics, which are not appealing and fear of being too complex – which is not. Design gives this notion. I would gladly assist you in that journey concerning interface, let me know.

    Best of luck in the future, I still feel this is a mistake but time will tell.

  11. poptasticboy

    It’s a shame, I used to really like SolForge. It was my number 2 time-filler after Hex: Shards of Fate. However I left the game when the new client was launched – after a few games with it I decided to quit playing for good, I really hated it. I would probably still be playing now with the old client.

    I can definitely recommend Hex if people want to check out an alternative though :)

    1. Kenguru

      I don’t know how important for SBE was profit from drafts, but they ruin it completely. I used to purchase 30K gold regularly to play draft. Right now even poor players don’t have to spend gold on drafts.

  12. the24thour

    This is not a good start to 2017. One of my favorite games iv played in the past few years and one of the best communities I had ever got involved in. Glad I got to play the game before it closed up! I hope someone picks up the gameplay of this game in a future project as it has ideas that iv never seen in a card game. Catch you all in a future title!

  13. Socrates

    Oh don’t be sad, this was a great learning experience. For those of you who haven’t found me on Steam please search for “quakesocrates” as I love all Sol Forge players and ill be sure to share as much information about what people are playing these days … currently “Eternal card game” on Steam is captivating many veteran SF players..I however enjoy the quality and aesthetics of The “Elder Scrolls: Legends”. I lose way more than I win so don’t feel like you need to prove something…just be nice friendly players and we can move from card game to card game as the years progress…God bless

  14. Forge

    As a backer from the initial round, I wish things had gone better for you. I think the downfall really all goes back to the poorly implemented redesign and less than ideal handling of the backlash about same, though.

    I’d pay good money for an offline-only version of the original client.

    Best of luck with your future endeavors.

  15. grabbster

    Wow, this is very sad news :( Thank you for letting me build and play with this awesome game all these years, me and my buddy had so many awesome evenings with this.
    theorycrafting, drafting, making up stupid challenges (you can only win with one-shot, only with nexus core etc). We even wanted to start streaming but never did (sorry perhaps).

    If this game ever reboots, I will be more than willing to make card art for new cards. Im good at drawing in PS/Krita and know several good artists.

    But for now, I wish you all the best, all members of SBE. I will follow your next projects with anticipation, hope you learn from past mistakes and do better in the future! (labyrinth?) Add two headed giant next time around, it will draw in people :)
    shit you guys, this is hitting harder and harder as I continue contemplating, this was my favorite game for such a long time, was thinking about it daily when not playing, wanted to be good at it so bad. The beginning days with tarsus decks, never getting the new poison mechanic to work as i wanted it to, sigh.
    so many memories. The new client ruined the fun a bit for me, still cant really pinpoint where the friction was. I ramble on… sorry, thanks for everything, will cry over my collection, memories and your fates as developers now. see you in a bright new future.

    Oh, and thank you community! you were awesome most of the time, you made me make my first forum post ffs, that’s how awesome this game and its ppl were, thank you all!

  16. JHW527

    I’m also very disheartened to see SolForge go. To be honest, if you can’t make a great concept like this work, I have little faith that SBE or FRG can make anything else viable long term, so I will most likely pass on future games by either. Yes, I’ve very much enjoyed the countless hours over the years that I have spent playing this game and building my collection so I thank you for that, but to see my collection evaporate is almost painful……..

  17. Voctor

    Even though I haven’t played SolForge in a long time I’m still sad to see it go. I’ll throw a longer post on the forums, but I just wanted to say thank you and good luck to the devs here. We haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but I always respected that you were at least trying to do your best for the game.

  18. eidolon

    I guess in the end it was just too easy for long time players to continue playing for free and too hard for new players to get into the game without investing a fortune.

  19. grindcardoso4

    This is disheartening news. I loved this game. I had to step back for a while, but I was hoping to get back in the near future.
    Since it seems a no turning back decision, I Just want to say thanks to SBE to create this great game which allowed me to have the best time in gaming só far in my life.
    You will be missed.

  20. brekthegreat

    Probably less than 300 players still played this game, so it’s no surprise.
    I loved this game until the UI change, i think i maybe spent 2 hours after the patch, couldn’t take more.
    I’m sure there are a lot of people who stopped playing after the patch, and that barely any new players joined.
    To be honest it’s hard to get people to play it, it doesn’t have a background like Elder Scrolls Legends, Shadowverse or Hearthstone, so their only chance was crazy amount of advertising, which never happened.
    If someone is at fault, is the creators of the game. For all the good they did, they failed hard at being good businessmen.

  21. Thalia

    SF was one of my favorite games that I played every day before the new client. I am so very sad to hear it is going away. Will it still be available to play offline? Is there any possible way to be able to download our card data and use the deckbuilder offline? I would be so happy to still be able to play, even neutered!

    Is there anyone it can be sold/given to who can continue it? It has a solid base of mechanics, art and so many things someone else could use to rebuild it. It would be so much better if it could be put into new hands to experiment with it. At least to try to revive it, to grow it again. Otherwise it’s just gone, which would be such a waste!

  22. Hydro

    Oh. My. God.

    Oh my God. I don’t know what to say about this.

    For all its flaws, Solforge still remains my favorite digital TCG owing to its unique mechanics and its severely underloved world setting.

    You will be missed, Solforge. Very much so :(

  23. TheIrishBAMF

    You owe it to Kaelari to give him the rights. He’s the only thing that kept this game from dying out long ago. It would be a huge waste of art, rules, card design and time to think of throwing SF away before exploring an option to reward someone who gave you so much just by being a huge fan. I know there are things in the works but if there’s one thing that might push people to remember SBE in any sort of positive light it would be that.

  24. Halaku

    I don’t regret dropping three digits during the Kickstarter.

    I regret what the game became, though.

    Ah, well. Lesson learned for Kickstartering a digital-only product next time, and hopefully someone will think of something that made what we’ve paid for still worth it.

  25. yra111

    sad news, this was my faworite tcg… May be good idea hold servers alive until new reincarnation of solforge2- to keep yours players here?
    Also u may look yuors klone – ww2:TCG and steal some ideas from there – , i not play WW2 coz there no any draft mode, but there was good campaingh instead.
    Now i go to play Tactical Genius until u reborn solforge,

  26. nbdyman

    So very sad. This was one of the most unique and interesting digital card games I had ever played. Hope they release a single player or lan build if the IP doesn’t sell.

  27. sketch

    “Why not sell the game to a video game developer with the abilities to make the game into everything it needs to be?”
    It sounded like they are willing to consider this, although it may conflict with their intentions to use the IP in the future.

    I might be interested…
    What is the price?
    What language/tool was used to make the game (hopefully the same for each platform)?
    What is the average cost of the servers?

  28. pikkusiili

    I’m sorry to see SolForge go. I really enjoyed playing the game and actively recruited people to join. After the new interface fiasco I was unable to play on my devices anymore but I hoped that the bugs would be ironed out. sounds like that it was too much to be able to do. If someone does take over the game, will there be something for those of us who did support the game financially? will our cards just disappear into the electrons?

  29. Matt

    This has been my go to game for years. It’s the only game I would grind dailies for. I don’t know what I’ll play next. Every other card game has been deleted from my iPad at this point.

    If it ever reboots, please let us know. I want back in.

    The leveling mechanic was just awesome.

  30. Holyghost5514

    Wow really? that sucks. looks like all the Doomsday naysayers can be like I told you so now, hope they’re happy. Turns out if you give everything away for free and take away, or not come up with ways to incentivize people to spend real money it’s hard to keep the lights on. As one of your whales who Kickstarted this game and helped to keep the lights on, I must say this is massively disappointing. Kickstarted the game with a vision in mind of what it could be in the future, and 5 years later it’s maybe 40% of what the game should have been. With a large portion player base telling you for years how to make the game better, and some, how to torpedo it into the ground, unfortunately SBE listened to the wrong ones.

    The base concept is original and different than every other card game out there, just pretty much everything else with the game was done completely wrong. Why not sell the game to a video game developer with the abilities to make the game into everything it needs to be? I mean as far as coming back later as something else under the SBE umbrella seems foolish. When you have something with so much promise and turn around and remove all customer confidence at ever turn with unmitigated disaster after disaster, that is a trust you will never earn back. SBE would be much better off selling the entirety of Solforge to someone else who can give it the proper love it deserves (maybe staying connected with them as a card design team only or something).

    Sad day.

  31. Extraball

    VERY VERY SAD – Solforge is my favourite game and I play every day….more than ever recently…..hopefully you can find a buyer and the community can continue.

  32. Artifex28

    I wrote some subjective comparison between competitive DCGs, and thought you might be interested this now. Notice that even SolForge made it to the list. :)

    [b]Gwent[/b] // Unique

    +Smooth UI/UX
    = Very quick matches
    = Based on mindgames and bluffing -> decoying “plays” out
    -No Mobile Client
    -Extremely coinflippy/RNG before you know the cards in the game

    Skill impact on match outcome as a new player: 1/5


    +Smooth UI/UX
    +Mobile Client
    -Terrible Rewarding
    -Shallow Mechanics
    -Noticeable Pay to Win (grind a LOT or be severely gimped)
    -Single Playfield = Snowballing

    Skill impact on match outcome as a new player: 2/5

    [b]Eternal[/b] // Very similar to Hearthstone

    +Smooth UI/UX
    +Mobile Client
    -Terrible Rewarding
    -Shallow Mechanics
    -Noticeable Pay to Win (like Hearthstone, but without single player campaign content)
    -Single Playfield = Snowballing

    Skill impact on match outcome as a new player: 2/5

    [b]Star Crusade[/b] // Very similar to Hearthstone

    +Energy Mechanics = More Depth than HS
    +Mobile Client
    -Slow Rewarding
    -Pay to Win
    -Single Playfield = snowballing

    Skill impact on match outcome as a new player: 2.5/5

    [b]Shadowverse[/b] // Similar to Hearthstone with bit of MtG

    +Evolve Mechanic (during match) for some extra control
    +UI/UX is smooth
    +Bit of MtG control in (defender chooces blockers and interruption phase in combat)
    = Aesthetics (if you’re in anime)
    = Decent Rewarding
    -Single Playfield = Snowballing

    Skill impact on match outcome as a new player: 3/5

    [b]Drakenlords[/b] // Similar to Hearthstone

    +Unique Factions
    +Players Can Always Attack Targets = More Control than HS
    = UI/UX
    -Single Playfield = Snowballing
    -Pay to Win

    Skill impact on match outcome as a new player: 3/5

    [b]Elder Scrolls: Legends[/b] // Similar to Hearthstone

    +Two Lanes and Rune Mechanics = More Depth than HS
    +Two Faction Option for Building Decks = More Depth than HS
    -No Mobile Client (yet)

    Skill impact on match outcome as a new player: 3/5

    [b]Hex[/b] // Very similar to Magic the Gathering

    +Interruption phases
    -Extremely Pay to Win – just like MTG
    -No Mobile Client
    -Terrible Rewarding / Based on Grinding instead of Daily Logins etc
    -Terrible UI/UX (haven’t tried past 4 months, but it has been terrible & clunky for past ~3 years)

    Skill impact on match outcome as a new player: 2/5
    Skill impact on match outcome as a veteran player with large collection: 4-5/5

    [b]Plants vs Zombies: Heroes[/b] // Unique

    +Aesthetics (great animations & SFXs)
    +Decent rewarding (not as generous as SolForge)
    +Five lanes, with three different types (high ground, ground and water)
    +Enjoyable before rank 40+
    -Extremely coinflip/RNG based on rank 40+

    Skill impact on match outcome as a new player: 3.5/5

    Skill impact on match outcome as a high rank player: 1/5

    [b]SolForge[/b] // Unique

    +Depth – Pretty much every single card has effect that combine with others
    +Cards you play get stronger during the match for next time you draw them
    +5 lanes & Lane Blocking with any opposing card = More Depth than HS
    +Extremely generous rewarding
    +Drafting (keep the cards you draft)
    +Mobile Client
    -Current (7th) set has balance issues on constructed -> not enough variance on decks and outcome feels too coinflippy
    -UI/UX – New client has plenty of issues

    -Servers closing on 31st of January …permanently.

    Skill impact on match outcome: 4/5

    [b]Faeria[/b] // Unique

    +Great mechanics = More Depth than HS
    +Hex-based playfield -> positioning and movement matters a lot
    +Mana can be saved for upcoming turns
    = Decent rewarding
    -Balance issues, constant major changes
    -Aggro was really strong last I checked -> boring as “only viable archetype”
    -No Mobile Client

    Skill impact on match outcome: 4/5

    [b]Duelist[/b] // Unique

    +Great mechanics = More Depth than HS
    +Square-based playfield -> positioning and movement matters a lot
    +Two heroes per faction
    +Replace mechanic (replace one card on hand per turn) = Less RNG
    +Aesthetics (if you’re in pixel art)
    -Slow rewarding, so yes – money speeds up your progress, but less P2W than eg. Hearthstone
    -Can be painful experience to learn due to skill mattering more than in your typical CCG
    -Latest expansion (Blood) is expensive to unlock with in-game gold (300 gold per orb for 3 non-duplicate cards vs 100 golds on 5 random cards in previous ones)
    -No Mobile Client and doesn’t even want to work with Steam Link

    Skill impact on match outcome: 4.5/5

    If you thought this was helpful and would like to get a free booster pack for yourself (and one for me) – register with referral code: pooppirate (yup! :D)

    1. griffinwik

      Thanks for this very thorough list. I saved what you said so I can give each game the proper intro without feeling rushed. Of those games, which of them are like Solforge in that you can play alone v.s. AI and still sustain yourself?

  33. FroggyJCK

    This are really bad, bad news. :-(

    SolForge is my favorite game. This is really a bad day for me. I like all of the game I will miss the Game :-(

    Thank you for be a part of your life.

    And please make a little update to play offline for ever!!!

    Very best regarts to all of you, the Player, the Community, the Developer and everyone who makes my last years a little bit more funny.

    PS: Please open the last WW (High Rarity Draft) for the end of the time. It is my Favorit WW.

  34. Ryu9

    Great game for the disabled.

    I really thought membership would skyrocket with the new interface. It took me a little while to get used to, but I grew to prefer it. The discard pile / deck viewing bugs were my only nit.

    Beautiful artwork.

    Fantastic job overall. I hope you find success with SolForge in the long run.

  35. soda_quasar

    After thousands of hours playing Solforge, it is sad to see game with such great potential gone away.. It has been fun and you will be missed dearly.

  36. SKiTHx

    Hello Castamir, I would also like to suggest Eternal. I started it about 3 days ago and must say it is a perfect blend between MTG and hearthstone. VERY clean client, and fun mechanics/animations. free to try also.

    Back to the topic at hand… I feel like I saw this coming, as did many. I just wish they were able to foresee all the complications that would come from this kind of project. I know SBE was all kinds of excited about making a new client to make the game look all polished and fresh, but all of us serious players know for a fact that the thing we were drawn to in this game was the unique mechanics and gameplay/strategy. I am hoping and praying that they find a proper buyer for this game that can give it the love and attention it truly deserves. I have spent money on this game, and would continue to do so if I felt the game has a future again. Best of luck to all parties involved… please don’t let this beloved game die forever though!

  37. nemo3

    Two quick questions: (1) will we still be able to play, at least offline (or against AI opponents) after Jan 31; and (2) what do we do with all the gold we might still have?

  38. Eidan

    I am agree. This is a sad news for a lot of followers than we have seen how the game has grown and improved throught the time. It is a great game. Original. Strategic, funny, fast, with a beautyful art (who does not remember cards as Soltice Reveler? I love it)

    I remember when the game had only few cards and deck as zombie deck or spring dryad deck are the more competitive. Or the old software (writing in Phyton?) and the problem with “stuck” during the game and the lost for inactivity. Or the new “combo deck” that surged with a new edition, as was the “Wegu deck” in this time. A lot of really funny time.

    But really the game grew and improves a lot during the time. This was not only new edition. New characteristic as the missions, the rank, the correction of time during the match (and the end of player that forced another to resign for started a game and just left the match alone for 20 minutes) make really better the game and I wish that can continue for a long time more. I known the effort of all you.

    Solforge also allows a lot of experimentation. Maybe some players feel better playing with the more competitive (and efficient) deck, with a better ratio of win, but other prefer the trial and the experimentation in constructed format and in draft format. Maybe the product is not very efficient but the process is funny. Test iterations and check if it works is an important part of the game. Maybe my dino deck (without rider) is not the more competitive deck in the game but I enjoy a lot playing with it.

    Today, when I read the post I notice than with more than two thousand hours of play and was having started in September 2013 through Steam (although with a lot of time playing offline) maybe i can consider myself as an starter player. During the last time I played almost daily, maybe I should player more competitively (I only reached platinum rank)

    Can you organize a last competitive tournament before January 31? This is a way to say good bye

    I will miss a lot playing!

    I wish you all the best of luck and thanks you very much for all!

    Best regards,

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