Announcing Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge

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Hello everyone! I have been leading the design team here at Stone Blade Entertainment with our most recent card releases of Raiders Unchained and Front Lines, and I have some more great news… It’s almost time to release new cards! This next mini expansion Ancient Grudge will again consist of eight cards, with one Heroic and one Legendary in each Faction.

With a name like Ancient Grudge, you can guess that there there may be some hostility that has crept its way into this mini set. With that guess, you would be absolutely right. There is indeed a cycle of “hate” cards that pick on different factions. Let’s take a look at one of these cards with our first spoiler.


Blazing Hostility is a decent enough removal spell in its own right. However, if it is used against a player with Nekrium creatures in their deck, this spell can quickly become too much to handle. At level three, 20 damage to both a Nekrium creature and its controller has incredible value.

There will be a card similar to this in each faction. What do you think the rest of this cycle will look like? Make sure to stay tuned, as more previews are soon to come!

-Ben Lundquist



    1. Dzugasvili

      This is little more than a list of hate cards from MtG. I hardly see any kind of analysis in there, all the less one that could help us assessing the pros and cons of faction hate in Solforge.

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