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Hello Forgeborn!

We just released new updates for all platforms that should help resolve many of the most pressing issues preventing people from playing the game.  Here are some of the improvements you can expect in this build.

  1. Draft, Deckbuilding, Forging, and Sharing UI now supports drag and drop
  2. Cards should now display correctly in game (no more disappearing creatures)
  3. Server stability greatly improved
  4. All friend challenges are now untimed
  5. The first win daily quest award now counts missions and single player games

Assuming things remain stable, we are planning to move the game out of Free Mode tomorrow.  That means ALL accounts will be reset to their status as of 6/1/16 at 7PM (before free mode was enabled). Any account created during that time will need to be recreated.

This does not mean we are done fixing things, but it does mean we feel things are stable enough to return to regular play and begin earning rewards again.  Some of our current top tier issues are:

  1. Timer display.  Currently the display indicates time is up before it really is (should be 5 minute countdown instead of 3:45)
  2. Continued server improvements
  3. Fixing player ability stacking display with multiple abilities
  4. Deckbuilder sorting and searching
  5. Continued Mobile UI Improvements
  6. Improved Tutorial

As a thank you for your patience and support during this period, we will be DOUBLING ALL DAILY REWARDS for two weeks, so everyone can make up for lost rewards during free mode.

Thank you again for being a part of this game and community!


  1. Watje


    Don’t know if these have been reported already.

    Already existing issues before this new PC build (Initialize engine version: 5.3.3p2 (86ede31d5f8d)
    - When in full screen mode on left screen of dual screen setup, clicking on right screen minimizes solforge. Should not happen.
    - When windowed in 1920×1080, after starting program a few times, screen size goes to around 2300×1440, still windowed.
    - The “current games” view is always default on Campaign, should remember last state.

    Already existing issues, will be very annoying to new players.
    - When in game, text of card often does not show when hovering or clicking
    - When playing effects on cards the effect is not visible on those cards (hover or complete view). So, when something is hit by Nanoswarm, the card still shows the ability.
    - Player overview, when multiple Immortal Echoes are played, these are not ALL listed as player abilities. Very confusing.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. taz87

    Is there a page that shows ALL game mechanic changes? I think pack silver cost went up to 7.5k each. Draft format is totally changed. A list of detailed changes would be great.

  3. Silects

    Just a heads up that I haven’t had any luck getting the 1st win daily quest to complete by doing single player or missions. Aside from that, been enjoying the new client since the servers are up – thanks for getting stuff squared up!

  4. ravenwood

    After no ability to play today it appears new changes are implemented and play is active however:

    5. The first win daily quest award now counts missions and single player games

    This is not working as stated, neither mission no single

    Please don’t delete my comment again whoever did so last time, thank you

  5. pikkusiili

    I hope that some more work is done on iOS staability. With the patch and the server work I can now actually load the game and get into a game but I get dumped out of the app several times during games which makes me have to reload and runs my timer out. I lose just based on the time to reload Solforge three times…

  6. FroggyJCK

    Great Job.
    Draft and Deck Building is much better now.

    But one point is missing. Please make it possible to play more games without going over the Home Button. Get the old go to next game button back.

  7. ohshazbot

    Ummm, sorry to be a negative nelly, but I’m not seeing an update to the android client and the draft experience is still miserable. Drag and drop is the only way to draft and it only works about 10% of the time

  8. Gabo

    There is one big and probably hard to deal with problem in mobile: battery drain. I went from 60% to 20% in about 3-4 games. The phone itself got pretty hot too so I have to assume it’s both networking and processor load. In my opinion, for a mobile game to be successful it can’t be that much of a drain so hopefully, once the critical issues are dealt with, priority is given to reduce battery and bandwidth hogging. I’m pretty sure there are lots of places to optimize.

    1. OmensOfRuin

      Yep. My experience of battery drain is worse than that – 30-40% of battery per game on an iPhone6. Makes the game unplayable if not plugged in to power.

      This should be the #1 issue right now, imo.

  9. Thalia

    Thank you! We appreciate you listening! Hopefully next up:
    -Being able to see if it’s your turn or not from the homepage (without having to go into each game to check)
    -While cards are in your hand, double tapping a card should bring up all 3 levels of that card. Having to try to keep one finger steady while trying to hit a moving ‘show more’ with the other finger is an awkward dance.
    -Tapping or pressing a card in deckbuilder should not remove the card from your deck.
    Thank you again!

  10. WrA1thOfCroft

    Awesome news and who can complain about free stuff for 2 whole weeks?!
    I am excited for this game finally in a loooong time. I think top priority should be placed on display bugs. Even after the updates I still am unable to to , for example, show my wife what a particular card does in game, at all 3 levels, while playing a match. Sometimes it downright refuses to let me see the card to hit more info, sometimes it shows me the wrong card in my hand, etc.
    But overall I think these are minor issues. New players might be turned off though.
    Keep up the good work and keep cranking those bug fixes out!

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