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Hi everyone,

Earlierthis week, I said I would make a post regarding SBE’s current perspective and priorities regarding client polish and features. So, here I am to do just that.

Overall, we feel that the client is in a stable and functional place. As we move forward, we will be looking to make adjustments and add polish based on what we feel is most important to the game experience. Also, we have been and will continue reading the community’s feedback to help us prioritize what we spend our focus and resources on. With this all said, lets talk about our current top priorities.

  • Queue pairing communication

The game needs to consistently tell players when they have been paired in a game and the communication needs to happen much more quickly. This will result in fewer players losing games due to not knowing they have been paired with an opponent.

  • Home screen game list functionality

This ties in to the last point. Right now, the list defaults to your campaign games list. The list should always show you active games, especially games that were recently paired.

  • iOS and Android UI / UX improvements

While we have eliminated some of the most troubling issues on mobile (not being able to read cards while drafting or building a deck), there are still many improvements that need to be made. A lot of these center around button accessibility. There are also some corner cases in game that are particularly frustrating on mobile (metasight).

  • Deckbuilder improvements

There are a lot of players that have given us suggestions and criticisms regarding the current deck builder. We hope to address many of these concerns by improving things like sorting, searching, deck saving / loading flexibility.

  • Titanium UI in-client

While Kaelari has done something amazing for us by adding a Titanium standings page to the website, we still need to add a real-time updating rank to all player’s Titanium portraits.

  • Ongoing in-game bug fixing and polish

In a game like Solforge, where we make new cards all the time, there will always be the need for bug fixing and polish in the game screen.

  • Solution for multi-queueing and untimed games

We have heard from a handful of players that the ability to play untimed games against random opponents was crucial to their SolForge experience. While we don’t have a decision made for exactly what queues we will add to the game or what features we will add to the client for multi-queue play, I wanted to make sure to say here that it is something we are actively thinking through. Ideally, we could add exactly the queue that every player wants, but these decisions have complicated implications that need to be fully considered.

Please keep in mind, that this is not what we consider to be a comprehensive list of improvements that need to be made. Rather, it is a look into what we consider to be our highest priority issues at the moment. I wish I could give a definitive timeline for when you could expect these improvements to be added to the game, but I can’t. When we get closer to updates, we will let you know.

Thanks for reading,

-SBE Gary Arant


  1. Nickelleon

    Thank you for being transparent on what you’re working on! Knowing your priorities instills confidence in the player base. Please continue to be open and transparent!

  2. Bitterfruit

    Please fix the issue with the log disappearing.

    I would also like to see pass and play come back, it was a primary method of decktesting for me and a significant reason to acquire new cards.

  3. jajasoon

    One thing not mentioned is that logs disappear when you leave/re-enter a game. This makes untimed games far less strategic (as you cannot review what your opponent played), and even can make timed games problematic if you lose connection or otherwise need to leave the client. This is one of the features we lost from the old client that I miss most.

    Along similar lines, the old client told you how many card opponents had in their deck/discard, which is helpful for figuring out solbinds, overloads, etc. Less info means less strategy.


  4. Gabo

    Do notifications work on iOS? I don’t remember receiving notifications since a long time ago. Even before the new client I seem to remember where there was some build where notifications just stopped working. Or am I imagining things?

  5. kaelari

    Can we please get an option to turn off the bloody wind? and the obnoxiously loud sound when the client first opens. and add a sound when we get paired. not just a little ding type sound. Like use that obnoxious loud sound when the client opens. Actually just make a sound options like the ladder’s sound settings page…

    1. A1-Ipwnfour

      yes please! Less sounds and more sounds. :) I’ve already lost a couple of games because they didn’t show up ingame. Some games only showed up after restarting the game.

  6. Callisto24

    I sure hope that “iOS and Android UI / UX improvements” includes being able to actually see one’s discard pile properly. This has nothing to do with button accessibility.

    1. Djurre

      that’s not limited to iOS and Android
      as a temporary workaround you can exit and rejoin the game you’re in, that fixes the discard/deck piles (on pc at least)

  7. Gabo

    That’s a nice an comprehensive list :)

    I think the priorities are more or less right. The only things missing from it (that have been heavily discussed) are improvements to the new player experience, including better matchmaking, but I have to assume that those are big design problems that requires more in depth changes and are less about programming polish.

    One question I do have which would be nice to see answered (nudge, nudge Fox!) is about the idea of making small client updates vs big client updates. I assume there are only a couple of programmers working on these issues so most of them get fixed sequentially. Is it expensive to make frequent small submissions? I guess it comes down to the overhead of testing and submitting, because I’m pretty sure the player base would really appreciate more frequent small updates than a long wait and then a big one.

    And BTW, beyond player satisfaction, one advantage of having smaller updates is that they are likely to bring in fewer new bugs, which in turn reduces the need for longer QA time and effort.

    So, basically, I’m curious to know what type of updates (big/small) you are aiming for and why (wel.. its a loaded question, isn’t it, the real question is why not make your updates smaller?).

  8. Burtletoy

    Any chance of adding a ‘Are you sure you want to quit?’ dialog box on mobile so when I accidentally hit the back button on android, I don’t have to launch the game and reload all the cards and waste a bunch of time?

    That would be nice.

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