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Hello Forgeborn,

Iwanted to take some time today to come up for air and update you all on the work that has been done on the client since our last update. We are making steady progress to improve the overall polish and quality of the new client but we are not quite ready to have another update. We plan to have another update within a few weeks. Here is a list of things that are currently fixed or in progress in our latest test builds:

  • Stats changing slowly on creatures
  • Stats getting stuck in a warped state after changing on creatures
  • Bugs involving cancelling multi-step spells
  • Card bugs causing games to freeze
  • “!” icon on creatures that have had their abilities altered
  • Correctly displaying multiple of the same player ability
  • Game clock function
  • Collection screen quality of life improvements
  • Mobile user interface and experience improvements
  • Game pairing communication
  • Titanium standings UI display

We hope that addressing these issues will greatly improve the Solforge experience. We have used player feedback from reddit (yes, we read it!) and our forums to decide on these priorities.

I want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that today is the last day of double rewards, so make sure to log in and earn some extra packs, silver and tickets!

I also would like to post the current standings of the Titanium division as of Monday, June 20th:

1 zrandles
2 abor
3 Sobrah
4 mistervwp
5 piquadore
6 Arzakon
7 Anim8
8 Nagi
9 Ryu9
10 gloommate
11 mark
12 Wendell
13 gottabekd
14 JockeD
15 Turkis
16 Seyfert
17 ntillerman
18 highranker
19 Nataraja
20 Tetrarain
21 Mathnut
22 Funeral

Talk to you soon,

SBE Gary Arant




  1. Thalia

    Thanks for the hard work and the updates!

    Canwe add these to the list that used to exist but need to come back:
    -Being able to tell if it’s your opponent’s turn or not in the game’s main screen. I don’t log in to SF nearly as much to see if it’s my turn, because I have to go into each game to see if it’s my turn or not which is annoying. I want it to say it on the main screen like it used to.
    -Bringing back the ‘next game’ button that shows up while you’re playing
    -Being able to challenge multiple friends at once, without having to wait for one opponent to accept before challenging the next person. Because with casual players, who knows when they will get a chance to accept. So I find myself playing less games which is unfortunate. I’d love to be more eager to play with friends, which is most of my play besides draft.

  2. skooba

    Daily/ticket rewards seem just fine to me, especially after they added “3 played” rewards.
    Anyways, really happy to see this update. Looking forward to these fixes!

  3. MindWanderer

    Haven’t had a pack a day reward since the new client rolled out. Just silver worth between half a pack and a whole pack. 3rd win is still there (vs. humans only). I don’t even remember what that gets you, I’ve never earned it.

    Suggestion for the ticket reward: Make it be 3 attempts in the ranked/unranked queue, or 1 attempt in a tournament. Right now ticket bleed is severe for those who can’t grind multiple wins in a day. The original promise was that all players would be able to play at least one tournament a week if they played a token amount every day, and now that’s not the case. 3 online games takes me between 1 1/2 and 2 hours, and I don’t have that kind of time most days. Right now I’d be tempted to insta-forfeit 3 times a day, and that’s just a dumb thing to encourage.

    1. qidejiu

      I used to play mostly AI games, but now I’m playing mostly ranked games. I find ranked games are more challenging and more fun. Overall I’m pretty unhappy for the same reason though – 3-4 hours to complete all of the dailies (6 wins total) is too much. Insta-forfeit is also bad for the game – a good design would provide a fun way for casual players to keep up with the more dedicated players. In Hearthstone, I can complete all quests with 30 minutes or less per day, and can still be competitive without paying. The biggest difference is I can hold 3 days worth of quests and complete them simultaneously.

    2. kyslonCZ

      You can play a tournament every four days. Even if you dont win a game, you get a ticket for three online games played, if you win one of it you also get a pack. It’s hard to win if you dont have top deck, but with Mono N or some AT, AU darkforged decks, you can win from time to time.

  4. griffinwik

    What is the current status of AI rewards being fixed? I have been checking every day for any news, yet there seems to be none. It is a lot of players on the Steam Discussions board’s top priority since we want to return to causally playing for ten minutes a day or so .

    Also, when did the pack or two a day, as well as the third win of the day, disappear?

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