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Hey everyone!

Just letting you all know I’ve been working on the solforge clients. Yes in plural.

First off is the official client beta. This is the current official client with bug fixes. Once some testing has been done it may get pushed to the live version. So here’s the rundown:

  • Bugpreventing joining some games should be fixed now.
  • Viewing discard/deck after playing a spell that interacts with them should no longer cause them to freeze. This needs some more testing. It worked for me but the change was far too easy so I’m worried it’s going to blow up.
  • Sword drop intro animation is now muted. This should load volume settings and adjust properly but for now just muted.
  • Clicking to skip the sword drop will trigger a fade out that raises the volume. (This is a bug)
  • Default games tab is now “All” instead of “Campaign”
  • Loads game log on reentering a game in progress. Color coding is off slightly when doing so
  • Native Linux Version now available
  • Native Mac Version new available

Windows Version Only:
If you want to buy gold you need to open steam before opening the client. Otherwise it will close, launch steam and launch the steam version of the client.

Linux and Mac versions Only:
Buy gold doesn’t work. Steam interactions don’t work properly because not officially released on steam for these platforms.

IOS Only:
I can’t push dev versions of IOS software. This is apple’s policy. There are solutions to this but for now there just isn’t an IOS build.

Download is available at :
Latest versions are labeled as such. i.e. Just download, unzip somewhere and run the program.

Please do post feedback, if it works or it breaks let me know. I need to know people tried it and it worked before it can be pushed to live.

And introducing KUSC!
Kaelari’s Unofficial Solforge Client is my(Kaelari’s) attempt to make a new client from the ground up. I hope to one day get it good enough to replace the official client but it still has a long ways to go. That said it has full game play support and many features that people have been wanting for a long time, like a next game button, random untimed queue, send challenges timed or untimed, and others. New versions of kusc are released roughly weekly, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

Download is available at:

Latest versions are labeled as such. i.e. . Specific versions are available in the /old/ folder if the latest version has serious issues. To install just unzip the file somewhere and run the program.

Both of these clients are development versions and may not be completely stable. If the possibility of a crash or other serious bugs is a problem then stick to the official client. If you want to follow development more closely you can check out my discord channel. I post there as I make progress. This lets you stay fully up to date.

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  1. Skaven

    Thank you for all you do Kael, it really is incredible and we (I think I speak for everyone here) are very grateful at your dedication. <3

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