Cyber Monday 50% Off Sale!

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Hello everyone!

Today is Cyber Monday and that means a sale! This week, the following items are on sale in the webstore at 50% off:

  • ALL Faction Legendary Chests
  • Legendary Chests
  • Kadras’ Fury Deck
  • Call of Deepwood Deck
  • Might of Anvillon Deck
  • Tarsus Unleashed Deck
  • Umbruk Uprising Deck
  • Onyxium Twilight Deck

Click here to shop!

When we’re closing in on the end of the sale I’ll post again and provide the exact ending time! Until then, enjoy the sale!

- [SBE] Foxhull

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  1. Ginyu

    Restricting the sale to the webstore feels like a punch to the face for all players, who bought gold before. Why aren’t they allowed to use that for this sale?

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