Cyber Monday 50% Off Sale!

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Hello everyone!

Today is Cyber Monday and that means a sale! This week, the following items are on sale in the webstore at 50% off:
<li>ALL Faction Legendary Chests</li>
<li>Legendary Chests</li>
<li>Kadras’ Fury Deck</li>
<li>Call of Deepwood Deck</li>
<li>Might of Anvillon Deck</li>
<li>Tarsus Unleashed Deck</li>
<li>Umbruk Uprising Deck</li>
<li>Onyxium Twilight Deck</li>
<strong><em><a href=””>Click here to shop!</a></em></strong>

When we’re closing in on the end of the sale I’ll post again and provide the exact ending time! Until then, enjoy the sale!

- [SBE] Foxhull

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  1. Ginyu

    Restricting the sale to the webstore feels like a punch to the face for all players, who bought gold before. Why aren’t they allowed to use that for this sale?

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