Daily Reward Adjustment

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Hi everyone,

Afterreading and considering a lot of the feedback that the community has had on our new daily reward system, one thing to note first is that we currently have a bug involving non-online win quests. Once fixed, the 1st Win of the Day will correctly be rewarded with any type of win.

Here is a summary of the updated reward system, effective immediately:

  • Login – Silver
  • 1st Win of the Day – 1 pack, with a small chance of getting 10 packs
  • 3rd and 6th online wins - 1 ticket each
  • *new* 3 online games played – 1 ticket

NOTE: You will receive double these rewards currently until June 23rd

We are reducing the online thresholds to 3 and 6 wins, while removing the 10 online win reward to make room for the new reward for playing 3 online games. We hope that this will serve the game better by giving a ticket out as a guaranteed prize with low time investment.

Please let us know how you all feel about the adjustments. We will always have open ears to ways we can improve!

Also, to remind many of you what our current focuses are, I will link you to our most recent update that gives you some insight into what things you can expect to be improved in the very near future, here.

Thanks and have fun!

-SBE Gary Arant



  1. nemo3

    And since we’re asking for old features to return, can we bring offline play back? That was the biggest selling point for Solforge when compared to other virtual CCGs…

  2. Nighteyes5678

    Thanks for the changes!

    A minor suggestion – can we change the Progress Bar from % to a x/y?

    For example, yesterday, I checked to see how I was doing on trying to get six wins. I saw that I was 66% of the way there. Yes, I can figure out that it’s 4/6, but it’s more simple and intuitive to see 4 Wins out of 6, or just 4/6.

    Thanks again!

  3. niggah

    we need more rewards..for example:

    first online win of the day –> silver
    win 2 tournement games –> silver
    5 online games played –> ticket
    win 3 online games –> boosterpack
    (super reward)–> win 12 online games –> silver, boosterpack and ticket
    differerent rewards from week to week or level to level

  4. tmfjoe

    Just wanted to thank you folks at SBE for being so willing to listen to the community. I love this game even if I only have the time to play a few AI matches each day and I truly appreciate that you are taking into account myself and others who are in the same boat. Here’s hoping I can find the time to become even more involved, but that is really up to the two year old in the house lol. Thanks again!

  5. qidejiu

    This reduces the average amount of time needed to complete dailies from 5 hours per day to 3 hours per day (assuming 15 mins per game and 50% win rate). Helpful, but not far enough, especially for casual players with much less than 50% win rates. This could be improved by granting only one new quest per day, similar to the 6 online wins challenge, but allow players to hold up to 3 quests at a time and complete them simultaneously.

    Allowing players some choice (by replacing up to one per day) in quests could keep both competitive and casual players happy.  For example:

    Win 8 online games: 4 tickets
    Win 5 online games where you played a Faction X card: 2 tickets
    Deal 1000 damage to opponents: 5 boosters
    Play spells with 100 total levels (a level 3 spell counts 3): 3 boosters
    Play creatures with 200 total levels: 3 boosters
    Some advantages to this system are:
    Players can complete 2 or 3 quests at the same time for a higher reward/time
    Players can complete higher payout quests immediately and replace low payout quests for a higher total reward
    More experienced players can focus on online wins and tickets/tournaments
    New players can focus on booster rewards against the AI to build their collection
    Players can take a break for a day or two without missing out on quests

    1. DeltaMi

      Listen to “qidejiu”. He has some awesome Quest ideas.

      And its basicaly the same concept that makes me play Hearthstone. Solforge is right now to timeconsuming.

  6. nemo3

    Great changes. These should definitely help newer players. Two quick follow-up questions:

    ** The first win rewards applies if you play against the AI, correct?
    ** Will the game be playable offline again?


    1. brekthegreat

      Nop none of the rewards work when playing against the AI. Unless maybe the update isn’t live yet? I still can’t stand the atrocious wait time caused by the stupid end turn and fight and card placement animations, so even if they fix the rewards i don’t think i’ll be playing like i used to.

  7. Thalia

    Thank you for listening, SBE! It’s making the older players happy to hear you are heeding our feedback, and newer players have an easier time getting past that ‘beginner’ wall.

  8. FroggyJCK

    I really like the new adjustment. But we all need some special for new Players. Here are some ideas from me:

    1. Let new Players can play 1 Month with all cards or in a special like free Mode to test a lot and get into the Solforge groove.
    2. I play a lot Poker also, there are special Tables for new Players, where only new Players can play. For Solforge it could be special Tournaments and/or Ranking queues for beginners in the first 2 Month
    3. Make a Special Tournament or Queue with only 3 or 5 Legendary allowed.
    4. Give a new Player 10 Legendary for free or 1 000 000 Silver as seed funding.

    1. qidejiu

      Campaigns could be a great way to introduce new players to the game and concepts and provide one or two semi-competitive decks as a reward (able to average >25% win rate at the lowest levels of ranked play). Currently campaigns are too difficult for new players and don’t provide anything close to a competitive deck.

  9. mister_VWP

    great to see that you are listening to the community :D

    Final request to help grow the community:
    plz give new players a better starter set.

    new players have a very underpowered card base to start with (which isnt exiting at all).
    so plz give them a much much better set of cards when they start playing.

  10. Wendell

    I’m really happy with these changes, *especially* the “play 3 online” reward. That will really help the people who don’t have the time/desire to grind while still providing online opponents.

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