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Hello SolForge fans!

It’s that time again! We are very close to the release of our next set, Darkforge Uprising. We’ve designed some exciting new cards and they’re coming out soon, so I thought I would tell you about some of them. The set is called Darkforge Uprising, and the theme centers around a powerful new source of energy that has recently been harnessed by the people (and creatures) of Solis –but at great cost.

Until now, all the magical energy has come from the SolForge itself. But now a new power has risen from the shadowy depths, wielded by a mysterious group who call themselves the Darkforged. Not only is it a new source of arcane power to rival even the Solforge, this dark power somehow links the Darkforged to each other, granting them greater strength in numbers. However, great power always comes with a price. The dark energy appears at times to have a mind of its own. Using this mysterious power source seems to be having a strange effect on its wielders, turning them into twisted – and often times, monstrous — versions of the their former selves.

Darkforged creatures may not seem like a match for a trained Forgeborn such as yourself; but their madness, and their power, will only grow as they come together….at great danger, and risk, to all of Solis.

hammer smith darkstoneasir

These cards have been really fun to play with in testing. Drafting a bunch of the Darkforged creatures can be really fun, and extremely powerful. It puts a whole new spin on the draft format and gives players a fresh thing to be looking for and considering while picking cards for their deck.

Also, as far as constructed goes; we’ve been building all different kinds of Darkforged decks, or using them to support existing archetypes. I for one, am very excited to see how they’ll impact the metagame.

Cards like Shadowsmith can be really cool in the new Alloyin based leveling decks that have been popular recently. Having slots in your deck dedicated to just leveling up cards can be poor later in the game when leveling might not be your priority. However the applications of the Darkforge cards can be much broader and more applicable at different stages because of how they change with the cards surrounding them. Just having them in play can power up your other Darkforge creatures like Darkstone Asir.

That’s not all that’s in the set, though. There are a lot of cool cards that have nothing to do with the dark and twisted power of the DarkForge.

As always, some of my favorite card designs are the ones that tell a story. I’ve designed a lot of those kinds of cards and this set will be no different. Two of my favorite cards from the past are Chrogias and Everflame Phoenix. It’s just fun to imagine a small little twig transforming into a cocoon and then emerging as a giant, terrifying monster.

Well, this card takes two of my past designs and merges them together in one, frightening package.

Meet Othra. Othra, meet Solis.


I’ll bet you can see the similarities to the two aforementioned cards without me pointing them out, but I’m going to anyway.

Othra is quite a formidable customer. His rank 1 at 8/6 is nothing to sneeze at. It can trade or straight up kill most of the cards you see in constructed decks at that stage in the game, and is a great underdrop if you draw it later in the game. However be careful not to forget that if you draw it on turn 1.4 it’ll turn into a cocoon on his own while in play. So don’t count on that 8 power if it’s about to start its metamorphosis.

The cocoon might not look too scary as an 0/12, but like Everflame Phoenix, it can not be ignored. And it’s a lot harder to kill than 0/1 ashes. I’ve definitely had some games where some well placed removal or movement has had the cocoon survive all of rank 2 and hatch into a giant, poisonous game ender.

And trust me, if Othra connects, the game ends faster than you might imagine. He isn’t called the Apex Predator for nothing! 10 power doesn’t look too impressive, but giving 10 poison to your opponent is no joke. That means it’s 30 damage the first turn it hits, then accelerates each successive time (my record is two!). With move 3 and 50 health, it’s hard to keep it from connecting, too. And as a defensive creature, you can use it to get rid of your opponent’s rank 3s and survive to end the game.

I hope you all have as much fun with this card as I have. Welcome to the next step in the evolution of SolForge!

You can pre-order Darkforge Uprising here!


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  1. Kukkamatka

    It looks like SBE is really nailing it this time with the new commons and rares, which have been on the community want list for some time now :-)

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