Downtime for Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge

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Hello everyone!

Tomorrow is the release of Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge. We will be starting our soft downtime at 10 AM Pacific, at which point no new matches can be created for the duration of downtime. At 11 AM Pacific, hard downtime will begin, at which point you will be unable to access the servers, and therefore play SolForge. We expect the servers to be back up by 1 PM Pacific, but please remember that these are estimated times that are subject to change.

In addition to announcing tomorrow’s downtime, I have the distinct pleasure of explaining how we will be releasing Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge! When our servers come up tomorrow, each card that is part of Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge will be available from booster packs, drafts, and tournament rewards. In addition, we will be featuring each new card in the featured tab of our in-client tab. While each card is featured, you will be able to purchase one (1) account-bound copy of that card for one (1) Silver. You may purchase additional copies of the cards at our Card of the Day prices via Gold. Any copies purchased via Gold will be shareable. We will rotate to a new card of Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge every two days, after which you will be unable to acquire the account-bound copy of the previously featured card for one (1) Silver. We hope this new approach is something that you enjoy, and we would love to hear your feedback!

I hope you all enjoy Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge! Keep an eye out for the rest of the spoilers, as provided by our various community websites!

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  1. Nickelleon

    Amazing! (1) Silver for new cards is a very generous move! And it has a lot of hidden benefits:

    * New players can get access to new cards without having to grind for 200,000 silver.
    * Old players have a way to get new cards without buying precons or packs.
    * Having 1 copy of a card encourages the players to seek out a playset, which in turn means buying more packs/precons, or liquidating their silver supply.

    I really like this approach to minisets and I hope this trend continues. You guys are doing a great job with community management, announcements, and new enticing features!

  2. soda_quasar

    Woohooo! This is great! Very generous indeed. Do make sure to put the server downtime news in the game notification too. So that players that do not oftenly check this website got informed as well.

  3. Gabo

    BTW, just want to comment that what Fox and the SBE team are doing is exactly on the right track. The draft pool thing, these give-aways, hypebuilding through community sites, getting writers to generate content for this site, being active in the forums, the awesome API interface that Kaelari is doing in his website, the creation of cards that directly affect problematic decks in the metagame (that anti burn dinosaur), etc.

    This is really awesome, great going guys!

    Now all it needs is that client update that fixes those interface bugs and a great marketing campaign to get more new players. Oh, and formalizing unlegendary ;) Easy peasy.

  4. Gabo

    Awesome, Thanks Stoneblade!

    I’m now curious to see how people find ways to complain about this, and I mean seriously complain, not in a joke form and obviously beyond concerns about it being too generous and affecting the bottom line.

  5. Vorpal745

    I’m not sure if this was addressed a long time ago with the new client update, but will we ever see the background skins that we purchased back near the beginning of the game?

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