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Hi everyone!

Today I’ve got some changes for you all that I think you’ll be excited for, so let’s go ahead and dive in!

Ranked Seasons

We asked for your feedback on our ranked seasons a few weeks back and we paid very close attention to that. Many of you expressed that a two-month time period for each ranked season was too long based on the current rewards. The two prevailing suggestions from your feedback were:

  • A single three month long season that rewarded three of our current seasons worth of rewards in one go at the end.
  • Three one month ranked seasons that each reward the current payouts.

After carefully considering your feedback and something that I’ll get to in a minute, we decided to go with the second option. That means that we will be changing our future ranked season length to one month per season. Please remember that if you have any feedback on this change, please, tell us. We’re listening carefully and love to hear from you guys.

In addition to this change, starting with this season, we’re going to adjust our end of season payouts to compensate for a recent change we made. These adjustments are as follows:

  • Platinum players will have their end of season Silver reward reduced from 40,000 Silver to 15,000 Silver. 25 Elite Tickets will be added to our end of season Platinum rewards.
  • Titanium players will have their end of season Silver reward reduced from 100,000 Silver to 75,000 Silver. 25 Elite Tickets will be added to our end of season Titanium rewards.
  • The top ten (10) Titanium players at the end of each season will receive an additional 25 Elite Tickets as a bonus.
  • This will result in Platinum and Titanium players receiving 25 Elite Tickets total, and the top 10 Titanium players will receive a total of 50 Elite Tickets.

We’ve been extremely pleased with the success of our Ranked queue, and we want to encourage that as our de facto on-demand competitive queue. We hope these changes will help encourage that play and also provide an incentive for players that have reached Titanium to continue playing for placing over the course of a season. Again, if you have any feedback on these changes, send it our way! We’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

Elite Tournaments

Starting in the month of October, we will be running not one, but two(!) Elite events per month. These Elite events will be held on separate weekends, and have been tailored to more closely follow the wants of the groups that will be playing in them. These Elite events will share the same Alternate Art card reward for playing each month, so feel free to pick your preferred event to play in each month. Here are the events we will be running:

Elite Draft

  • Entry Fee: 25 Elite Tickets
  • 5 Round Event
  • Held for a 24 hour period once each month
  • Guaranteed Alternate Art card reward
  • Held on a different weekend from our Elite Constructed event

Prize Structure

  • Five Wins: 20 Event Tickets, 5000 Gold, 75000 Silver
  • Four Wins: 12 Event Tickets, 1000 Gold, 75000 Silver
  • Three Wins: 9 Event Tickets, 500 Gold, 50000 Silver
  • Two Wins: 6 Event Tickets, 50000 Silver
  • One Win: 3 Event Tickets, 25000 Silver
  • Zero Wins: 1 Event Ticket, 10000 Silver

Elite Constructed

  • Entry Fee: 25 Elite Tickets
  • 5 Round Event
  • Held for a 24 hour period once each month
  • Guaranteed Alternate Art card reward
  • Held on a different weekend from our Elite Draft event

Prize Structure

  • Five Wins: a Random Legendary Card, 5000 Gold, 75000 Silver
  • Four Wins: a Random Legendary Card, 1000 Gold, 75000 Silver
  • Three Wins: a Random Legendary Card, 500 Gold, 50000 Silver
  • Two Wins: Five Booster Packs, 50000 Silver
  • One Win: Three Booster Packs, 25000 Silver
  • Zero Wins: a Booster Pack, 10000 Silver

Now, you may notice that these structures are different from the Elite Tournament we’re holding this month. September’s Elite Tournament has an increased payout as an apology for the fact that we hadn’t held an Elite event for several months. So, enjoy the increased prizes with the Elite Tickets you have stockpiled!

Now, I’d like to make some mathematical comparisons between our new Elite event structure and our old one, in terms of Gold awarded. Our new structure will award approximately 15,000 Gold per 32 entrants at a cost of 25 Elite Tickets per entry. Our old structure awarded approximately 20,000 Gold per 64 entrants at a cost of 20 Elite Tickets per entry. This works out to an approximate 20% increase of Gold rewarded per ticket. In addition, our previous structure only awarded Gold to 1 in 64 entrants, meaning you had a 1/64 chance to get Gold as your prize. Our new structure awards Gold to 16 of our 32 entrants, meaning you now have an approximate 1/2 chance to acquire some amount of Gold from your Elite event.

With that out of the way, we hope you enjoy these new changes! Please let us know what you think, and we’ll be sure to pay close attention!

Oh, and I’m sure you all have been eagerly awaiting more spoilers, so I’d like to present the next in our cycle of “hate” cards, Bottomless Puncture!


This card is definitely interesting. Against decks that play Tempys creatures, this can create a clock that isn’t to be trifled with, but it is going to be relatively slow at actually killing the creature in question. However, against decks that don’t play a high number of Tempys creatures this is definitely going to not be your removal spell of choice. I look forward to seeing what you all think of Bottomless Puncture in the comments! Make sure to keep an eye out for more spoilers in the coming days!

[SBE] Foxhull


  1. Callisto24

    Perhaps I’ve missed it, but is there a thought process to making the elite tournaments 1 day events?

    My other comment is that for those who enjoy grinding for in game rewards after reaching titanium (not likely my win % or games played is remotely close to getting top 10) there should be some way to earn elite tickets via constructed outside of reaching titanium.

  2. SpringDryad

    When is the September Elite Event? (And why isn’t this information already mentioned in this thread. It even mentions the “September Elite Event” but doesn’t tell you when it is. Very odd.

  3. iamsum1gr8

    the change to one month seasons means that I and many others will never make titanium simply because we can’t allocate enough time to do it. this was a problem that occurred with the accidental reset, people got punished because they couldn’t spare the time to reach titanium as fast as possible, and now its that or nothing.

      1. iamsum1gr8

        I agree that not everyone should be able to get there, but 1 month means that only those that can play for more than 15 hours a week can get there. It’s not a true representation of skill, just a measure of free time.

        the season should be long enough that good players regardless of free time should be able to make it.

        1. Zwaxor

          That really depends on your win %. I believe there was some statistic at one point that the best players in a given month had about 80 % wins. From my experience, the average ladder player as you rise in ranks is better than the average player in the old Constructed queues due to the matchmaking being different as you climb. At the time of the soft reset, I probably spent 25-ish hours in the one week I had to climb to Titanium, but I made it in that time, so 15 hours a week seems excessive.

          And even if it mostly rewarded time investment, I don’t see the problem with that. People who play the game more should get a larger slice of the cake, that’s just good business.

  4. Piquadore

    Is it possible to get clarification on what the ladder prizes will be? As I understood it, prizes are cumulative as you progress ranks, but it seems at least some of the same prizes are being listed multiple times and are only going to count once. Specifically, going from gold to platinum will earn you 25 elite tickets, going from platinum to titanium seems to also give 25 tickets, but then is followed by a statement that you get 25 total (50 for top titanium players), implying that there are actually no tickets awarded for getting to titanium (except on top). Is this correct? Would be appreciated if we could get a full breakdown of prizes for each rank, thanks!

    1. [SBE]Foxhull Post author

      I received a few questions on that last night, so I edited in that particular bullet point. Each Platinum and Titanium player will receive one entry’s worth of Elite Tickets as part of their reward. The top 10 Titanium players will receive an extra entry’s worth. The Silver listed in those adjustments are also not cumulative changes as stated. That means a Titanium player will receive 75k Silver, not 90k (75+15). As for a full breakdown, I’ll check to see if that’s something I can go ahead and post.

      1. Piquadore

        Awesome, thanks for the clarification! So basically the prize listed is the cumulative prize already. Maybe I missed it, but just to confirm the plan is to continue with a recolour award for getting to silver and a true AA for getting to Titanium?

  5. mister_VWP

    Job wel done! I like these changes.
    I specially like that you are rewarding platinum and titanium players with elite tickets.

    Lately Solforge is realy going in the right direction :)
    Keep up the good work SBE!

  6. simonsnow

    Alright, I understand the “apology” reward structure is better than the original reward structure. Then why do the upcoming elite events have reduced gold pay out? How do you calculate that pay out to make it look better than the original reward structure? Counting tickets as gold?

    1. [SBE]Foxhull Post author

      Remember that the original Elite Tournaments were 6 round events, which means that nominally you will have 64 entrants per full Swiss entry. Of those players, only one received any Gold, for a total of 20k Gold. By factoring in the total number of tickets used for those 64 players to enter (20 per player) you come out at an average value of 15.625 Gold awarded per ticket. This new round structure (5 rounds) will have nominally 32 entrants for a full Swiss entry. Of those players one player will go undefeated, five players will end with a single loss, and ten players will end at two losses (which is where Gold is paid out to). That means a total of 15k Gold is paid out per 32 entrants. At 25 tickets per player, the value per ticket comes out to 18.75 Gold awarded per ticket, an approximate 20% increase in Gold. Also worth nothing is that fully half of those 32 players will receive some amount of Gold, whereas previously it all went to that one player who went undefeated in the 6 round (64 entrant) structure.

      1. Piquadore

        You correctly point out that the gold/ticket is better in what you propose above as compared to the old 6 game elite events: ~19 vs 16 gold/ticket. While it is objectively better overall payout (~20%), and allows for more spreading of wealth (my socialist tendencies approve), it is worth noting that it is substantially worse for perfect runs (there is always give and take when it comes to redistribution).

        I did the same assessment for the previous announcement – http://solforgegame.com/news/upcoming-changes-and-septembers-elite-tournament/ – which you are now referring to as the “apology” event: 50 gold/ticket!!! A massive jump in prizes with relatively minimal impact on perfect runs! Which leads me to my main critique of the present update: context. Just to point out, the previous post states:
        “Starting with this month’s Elite event, we will be moving to the following structure:
        Entry: 25 Elite Tickets
        Guaranteed Alternate Art card for participating
        Five Wins: 15,000 Gold and a Random Legendary Card
        Four Wins: 5,000 Gold and a Random Legendary Card
        Three Wins: 100,000 Silver and a Random Legendary Card
        Two Wins: 50,000 Silver and 5 Booster Packs
        One Win: 25,000 Silver and 3 Booster Packs
        Zero Wins: 10,000 Silver and a Booster Pack”
        The implication being that this is what you should now be comparing the new changes to, not the old system. In which case, the new payout is a dramatic pull-back: ~19 vs 50 gold/ticket.

        A few major caveats. First, I think the payouts for the “apology” tournament are excessively rich. Especially given how many tickets people have probably stock-pilled, there is going to be a lot of gold given out next weekend! As such, a correction was necessary going forward. Second, the previous post does say multiple times that other changes are coming, so nobody should really be surprised at another change. Third, the updated elite payouts are not being presented in a vacuum – you’ve also essentially made it easier to participate in the event by giving out elite tickets along with the ladder prizes.

        Overall, I think the changes/correction are good and necessary for the game. I do however feel that hyping the new changes in comparison with the old elite system is a bit misleading. Perhaps the Sept. 6th update was always meant to be a single event, but that wasn’t how it was presented and so it feels like history is being rewritten a bit with the present update. I think you could have said “we’re making it easier to play and so have to reduce prizes to compensate” instead of acting like the previous announcement almost didn’t happen.

        Anywho, keep up the good work and everyone should play next weekend if they can!

  7. DraftSilver

    Great news. I really like them. But why different rewards from Elite Draft and Constructed? Also the AA prizes for this month Ranked reward will be Varna and Archangel yet, right?

  8. Hackworth

    What’s the point of event tickets as an elite draft reward? I’m pretty sure that anyone who is good enough to grind out the elite tickets necessary to compete is good enough to be infinite in event tickets.

  9. diablo

    I like these changes overall. Here’s my one point of constructive criticism:

    I’m a bit sad that there’s no way to grind elite tickets at whatever pace I want by playing constructed. I can only get 25 per month (or 50 if I play amazingly), no matter how much I play. In contrast, I can always gain more elite tickets by playing more drafts (and playing decently), at whatever pace I please. Still, it’s a big improvement to at least have some way for constructed players to get elite tickets. Have you considered doing something like awarding an elite ticket for getting e.g. 3 wins in a row while at platinum or better?

    On the other hand, it’s also nice in some ways that I don’t *have* to grind to get 25 (at least, not grind extra beyond getting to a particular rank). So maybe you made the right call.

  10. KingSkyWing

    free entry into an elite tournament for platinum and up is an amazing change. going from 20 to 25 elite tickets entry along with removal of constructed queue was making elite tournaments a lot less accessible. this is just the right move!

    Loving the extra 25 elite tickets for top 10 platinum as well. It gives at least some meaning to grinding ranked ladder after attaining titanium. Now if only 1st place on ladder gets something exclusive, that would be perfect.

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