Forgemaster Weekend is Coming!

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so you can put together the killer deck of your dreams and take it for a spin before you decide whether to spend your Silver to Forge it!

To construct a deck using cards that aren’t in your collection, open the “Advanced Search Options” tab in the Collections window, and toggle on the option to view “Unowned” cards. Then get to building whatever deck you want from all of the cards in the game!

Forgemaster events have an entry fee of just 100 Silver, and pay out 100 Silver no matter what your record at the end. We will be keeping track of the top performers in the Forgemaster events to post in our tournament roundup next week, though, and we’ll be giving out special prizes to the top performers!

We hope these events are a great opportunity for new and established players alike to come together and experience all that SolForge has to offer. If you have collectible card playing friends who you’ve wanted to get into the game, Forgemaster Weekend is a great time to show them what’s possible!

Forgemaster Weekend queues will be running from 12:00 PM PST on Friday, November 21st until 11:59 PM on Sunday, November 23rd! Don’t miss out!


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