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voltron_b_3Heyeveryone! SeomanReborn here with the second installment of Free-to-Win, my periodic column to help Free-to-Play SolForge fans build decks using a limited collection. Last time, I talked about the starter decks and some initial improvements you could make using Common cards gained from your Daily Rewards. Today, I am going to be going over some of the more powerful Rare cards you might have encountered after your first week or two.  Then I will give you ideas for decks that can be built around them.

First, let’s go over my favorite faction: Alloyin!


SM020e-1Alloyin General: His ability to buff can benefit creatures such as Cypien Infiltrator and Lightshield Patrol. Using him and your Battle Techtician you can create fairly aggressive decks.

Cypien Infiltrator: He has good sized stats at all levels and has the ability to push damage onto your opponent with his Breakthrough. Even without the Breakthrough he is still a good creature. His high Level 1 attack allows him to be useful later in the game even if you don’t play him

Energy Surge: This spell only works well with cards like Technosmith to get past its very weak Level 1 version. After that, this card creates good consistency at Player Rank 2 and beyond since it allows you to draw and play your leveled up cards.

Forge Guardian Beta: While his stats are not the best at Levels 1 and 2, his stats are among the best at Level 3. He is really good at ending games once they get to that point.

sm021e-3Palladium Pulsemage: By itself, her activate power can often just kill a creature for free by reducing its attack to 0 then blocking it with another creature. It can also be combined with cards like Gloomreaper Witch and Cull the Weak to even greater effect.

Tech Upgrade: This can be a very good spell since it can be used at all levels of the game to great effect. It also interacts very well with Lightshield Patrol and Cypien Infiltrator.




SE020c-1eFlameshaper Savant: Even though it was decreased in power in the latest patch it can still pack a punch in a Tempys heavy deck. Any card that allows you to play an under-leveled card to great effect is excellent.

Flamestoke Shaman: The combination of high Attack and an activate that lets a new creature attack on your turn can really help with aggressive style decks. It can also help you immediately get value out of creatures with abilities that trigger when you damage your opponent.

Riftlasher: His stats are fairly low but he can be quite deadly if you can get him to attack in an open lane. He works well with effects that grant mobility or aggressive, like Zephyr Mage or Flamestoke Shaman.

Uranti BoltUranti Bolt: This is a spell that levels up decently well and also can have an impact on the game regardless of what level it is. I would suggest playing at least a couple of these in almost every deck that plays Tempys.

Windborn Hellion: When combined with other creatures that have Move or spells/effects that give move he can snowball out of control quite easily. He works well with cards like Windcaller Shaman and Zephyr Mage.




BlightwalkerBlight Walker: Though it is hard for him to kill your opponent since his Attack is so low, his ability to kill most creatures the same level as him is amazing. He works well with Alloyin General or buffs that make him a creature your opponent can’t just ignore.

Darkheart Wanderer: His ability can make him an almost unstoppable force if your opponent does not have creature removal. He works well with creature pump effects like Ferocious Roar or Enrage.

Dr. Frankenbaum: There are many abominations in the set and his ability can help end games early without having to get a creature to survive in an open lane. He works well with cards like Graveborn Glutton.

Grave Pact: This is a great creature removal spell if your deck is set up to make up for its disadvantage. It works well with cards like Death Seeker and Fell Walker.

Hungering Strike: This spell can still be good even when you don’t level it. It works well with creatures like Grimgaunt Predator or Darkheart Wanderer.

GA045-2Necroslime: After he uses his ability, his stats are quite strong at all levels. He works best if you also have creatures with Armor or Regenerate, or with creatures that prefer taking damage like Death Seeker.

Tarsus Deathweaver: He has strong stats and an ability that gives an upside to several different creatures. He works well with creatures like Ether Hounds and Death Seeker.




BL052-1Gemhide Basher: Often considered removal in creature form, he lets you deal with threats before they can go on the offensive. I would include him if you are using a creature based strategy but want to deal with creatures like Grimgaunt Predator or Necroslime.

Lifeshaper Savant: Much like Flameshaper Savant, her ability was not impacted much in Uterra based decks. She can often upgrade Level 1 and 2 creatures and help turn around an under-leveled hand.

Shardplate Delver: He is very similar to Necroslime but he has lower stats and no downside. He can still be very hard for your opponent to deal with and only gets more dangerous the longer he is left alone.

Lifeshaper SavantSpring Dryad: This is another creature than can get out of hand quite quickly if you can not deal with her right away. She works well with creatures like Ether Hounds and Brighttusk Sower.

Venomfang: Much like Magma Hound from Tempys, the ability to finish off a low health creature without having to commit an entire creature is very useful for putting you ahead or helping you recover from being behind in creatures. He does this while also providing decent stats.

Wildwood Sower: If you are planning on using many buffing or creature removal spells this creature can help you flood the board. He works really well with Tarsus Deathweaver.


While I feel these are most of the powerful and “build around me” cards in the set, this is not an all-inclusive list. If you feel like a specific card would work well with your build, go for it! Play it a bunch and decide if it fits in your deck.


Building with a Purpose


Just putting powerful cards together can only take you so far. The best decks in SolForge are made with a specific purpose. Do I want to win the game early or take it late with powerful Level 3 cards? Do I want to play heavy removal and use cards like Grimgaunt Predator that can benefit from it? Do I want to play a creature like Technosmith or Synapsis Oracle to help level Chrogias?

These are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself when deciding which creatures and spells you want to put into your deck. The first question you should be asking is “At what player level do I want my deck to be winning the game?”. The answers are usually Player Rank 1-2, 2-3, or 4+. This type of answer lets you know if you should be playing a creature like Deepbranch Prowler, which has a huge impact at Level 1 but doesn’t really increase with level, or Chrogias, which has no impact at Levels 1 or 2 but can end the game at Level 3.

Because of how the draw mechanic in SolForge works, you shouldn’t be relying on just one way of doing something specific. You can solve this problem a couple of ways. One way is to make sure there are redundancies in the deck. This can be accomplished by using cards with similar abilities like Technosmith and Synapsis Oracle, since they both achieve the same goal. Another way is to have an alternate plan with a different suite of cards. An example would be to play cards like Ionic Warcharger and Battle Techtician alongside your Technosmiths and Synapsis Oracles. This offers a more aggressive style of game play when you aren’t seeing your level-acceleration cards.


Deck Ideas


Now that you have some background about designing a deck, let’s talk about some sweet builds around some of the Rare cards you should be encountering in your first couple of weeks.


Palladium Witch

1 x Grimgaunt Predator

2 x Hungering Strike

3 x Gloomreaper Witch

3 x Cull the Weak

2 x Graveborn Glutton

2 x Witherfrost Banshee

2 x Marrow Fiend

1 x Battle Techtician

3 x Palladium Pulsemage

2 x Cypien Infiltrator

2 x Electro Net

1 x Jet Pack

3 x Forgeplate Sentry

2 x Matrix Warden

1 x Nexus Pilot


SD001a-1The primary interaction in this deck uses Palladium Pulsemage and Electro Net with Gloomreaper Witch and Cull the Weak. Your plan is to win by Player Rank 2-3 by making it hard for them to block your creatures and punishing them when they do. This gives you a creature advantage that escalates out of recovery range for your opponent, making it hard for them to come back.

When playing this deck you want to play your creatures in open lanes as much as possible and not block your opponent’s creatures when they are defensive. This will allow you to Electro Net or Palladium Pulsemage to negate their attack damage, as well as prevent them from buffing their creatures to make favorable trades. After that, you can either use a Gloomreaper Witch /Cull the Weak to kill them outright or simply block them while your creature takes no damage. These kinds of plays will help you build an army and slowly overwhelm your opponent by the time you get to Player Rank 3.

The other cards in the deck are there in case you are not drawing your main pieces. Hungering Strike and Witherfrost Banshee fit in with the theme but don’t need the other pieces to work well. Forgeplate Sentry is a card you want to play if you are getting ahead at Player Rank 1, since it has really good stats at Levels 2 and 3. Grimgaunt Predator works well since you can help him grow even more by negating the attack of the creatures he is killing. Battle Techtician, Graveborn Glutton, Matrix Warden, Nexus Pilot, and Marrow Fiend are all creatures that can either create a higher attack or have a natural high attack. They can kill creatures by themselves or alongside your Electro Nets and Palladium Pulsemages.

Since you might have come across some Legendary and Heroic cards at this point, here are some cards that you may consider adding to this deck if you have them:  Zimus, Grimgaunt Devourer, Sonic Pulse, Dreadbolt, Grimgaunt Predator, Epidemic, and Witherfrost Succubus.


Tarsus Swarm

1 x Ferocious Roar

2 x Venomfang

2 x Swampmoss Lurker

1 x Strength in Numbers

3 x Grove Matriarch

2 x Grove Huntress

3 x Ether Hounds

3 x Brighttusk Sower

2 x Grave Pact

3 x Tarsus Deathweaver

3 x Corpse Crawler

3 x Death Seeker

2 x Fell Walker

TarsusDeathweaver1There are many versions of this deck that you can play but I felt this was a good starting point. The primary interaction of the deck is Tarsus Deathweaver and Corpse Crawler with cards like Ether Hounds and Death Seeker. The goal of this deck is to win around player level 1-2 by filling the lanes with creatures and overwhelming your opponent.

When you play this deck you want to prioritize playing Tarsus Deathweaver even if you don’t have any creatures that synergize with his ability to play immediately. Also, make sure you try and keep your guys alive so that you can benefit more from playing Ferocious Roar or Strength in Numbers. This means not blocking if you still have the chance to draw them and think you will want to play them. Corpse Crawler, even though it has a substantial drawback, is easy to play in this deck with all the redundant creatures and he can provide another way of winning your games with just a large body.

The other creatures in the deck help make up for games where you find yourself low on Corpse Crawlers and Tarsus Deathweaver. Venomfang and Grove Huntress help finish off high toughness creatures. Grave Pact can keep you in the game by killing high priority targets that are growing out of control like Grimgaunt Predator. Swampmoss Lurker is a high attack creature that is good by himself to help take care of problematic creatures even when you don’t play him early.

Here are some other cards you might consider adding once you acquire them: Grimgaunt Devourer, Echowisp, Zimus, Leafkin Progenitor, Epidemic, Phytobomb, and Weirwood Patriarch.


Castles in the Sky

2 x Cypien Augmentation

3 x Forge Guardian Beta

3 x Jet Pack

3 x Forge Guardian Alpha

2 x Matrix Warden

2 x Nexus Pilot

2 x Ionic Warcharger

2 x Uranti Bolt

2 x Iceborn Fortitude

3 x Glacial Colossus

2 x Lightning Spark

2 x Storm Caller

2 x Pyre Song

voltron_a_3The primary interaction in this deck is Forge Guardian Alpha and Glacial Colossus with Jet Pack and Pyre Song. These creatures with defender have very good stats but can’t kill your opponent. This is where Jet Pack comes in. Pyre Song is used when your lanes start to fill up since your main creatures don’t attack on their turn. The goal of this deck is to stall out the game until around Player Rank 3 and then try and kill them with massive Forge Guardian Alphas using their Jet Packs to fly around the board and kill your opponent.

jet_packWhen you play this deck you shouldn’t play your Jet Packs early since they can effect any creature regardless of their level. Use your giant Defenders to clog up the lanes and play Pyre Song to start helping clear the board. Once you land a good Level 3 Alpha or Colossus hit them with a Jet Pack and start killing your opponent.

The other cards in the deck help with the primary strategy or help you when you don’t see your defenders. Forge Guardian Beta provides an alternate late game win condition since his stats are massive at Level 3. Uranti Bolt, Iceborn Fortitude, and Cypien Augmentation help keep your guys alive so you can utilize Pyre Song better when it does come up. Nexus Pilot and Ionic Warcharger are creatures that are good at every Player Rank so they can help you if you are getting behind. Storm Caller and Matrix Warden provide high attack creatures that can be useful even if they are under-leveled.

Here are some other cards you might consider adding once you acquire them: Everflame Phoenix, Fervent Assault, Metasculpt, Scrapforge Titan,and Forged Guardian Gamma.

There are many more decks you can build in SolForge and hopefully you can discover more as your collection grows. You the decks you see against online opponents. The more you do this the better you will get at deck building and coming up with deck ideas. Always try to build to your collection’s strengths!

If you are looking to get into some competitive tournaments where you don’t have to worry about having a smaller collection, then I have some good news for you. I am helping to organize UnHeroic community tournaments on a regular basis. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, UnHeroic is a format in which you can only use cards that are Rare or Common. Other than that, the normal deckbuilding rules of SolForge client apply. This is a great format for newer players to be able to compete on a level playing field with players with huge collections. I have already run one tournament and it was a huge success. There were door prizes for participating and the winner received a code good for SolForge gold! Keep your eyes on the Organized Play area of the official Forums to hear about the next one.


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