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Extra Metamind-2Heyeveryone! Welcome back to my lab, where I, Foxhull, bring you the sweetest new decks to play. This week, I’m going to show you how to lock your opponent down and dictate the pace of the game. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the deck list!


2 Cypien Augmentation

3 Energy Prison

3 Energy Surge

1 Ghox, Metamind Paragon

1 Kas, Arcweaver

3 Lightning Spark

3 Master of Elements

2 Metasculpt

3 Metasight

3 Stasis Warden

3 Static Shock

3 Uranti Bolt


SE020c-1eI first started playing around Stasis Warden shortly after SolForge entered open beta. I was playing a version of Raidrinn’s Alloyin/Tempys deck based around Flameshaper Savant and using Stasis Wardens to keep my Flameshapers from attacking. However, after a short while I stopped playing the deck because I began to focus on playing Mono Alloyin, and eventually the first stages of Lifebomb. After the tournament patch hit, I saw Stasis Warden deck in a community tournament and decided to revisit it. The results, needless to say, have been entertaining!

With that out of the way, let’s get on to discussing the cards!

First off, we’re starting with the centerpiece of the deck: Stasis Warden. Stasis Warden is a very unassuming creature that has the potential to completely determine the pace of a game. The fact that you can use his ability on either your opponent’s creatures or your own means that you can pretty much dictate what creatures attack and when, as long as you can keep a steady stream of spells flowing. He allows you to slow the pace of the game down to a crawl, giving you the time to burn your opponent to death, just a little bit at a time.

SE031d-xSpeaking of burn, this deck plays plenty of it! We have the full complement of Static Shock, Lightning Spark, and Uranti Bolt. Static Shock and Lightning Spark can damage your opponent directly, while Uranti Bolt can help you keep the board locked down and eventually take out any troublesome creatures your opponent might have. Static Shock is particularly good as it provides extra opportunities for you to take advantage of your Stasis Wardens and it can help your Lightning Sparks and Uranti Bolts finish off larger creatures with a couple extra points of damage.

Now, to go with all of these burn spells, we have a single copy of Kas, Arcweaver to  allow us to deal massive amounts of damage in one go. Since the games you play will usually go long, you’ll be able to set up a kill with Kas with relative ease. You can put him into the center lane, use Cypien Augmentation to make him grow, and then use your burn spells like Uranti Bolt to remove any blockers that might be in the way. He can very easily deal upwards of fifty damage in one turn! Don’t fear if you don’t own Kas, Arcweaver, you can play a single Flame Speaker in his place for a similar, though slower effect.

EnergySurgeAltWe’re also playing a single copy of Ghox, Metamind Adept to accompany our three copies of Energy Surge. Now, you might be asking, why only one? The main reason behind this particular decision is that Ghox isn’t a necessary part of our game plan – instead he’s acting like an extra, delayed Energy Surge. Energy Surge is the really important card here because we need to draw cards without spending plays – we’re entirely dependent on finding our Stasis Wardens, playing them, and being able to trigger them. Cards like Energy Prison help us keep our Wardens alive by locking them down and sometimes even locking down your opponent’s creatures.

DE208-1 color2Lastly we have a few role players in the form of Metasight, Master of Elements, and Metasculpt. Metasight in combination with Static Shock and Stasis Warden allows you to get your free spells like Energy Surge and Cypien Augmentation leveled while keeping your opponent’s creatures locked down. Metasculpt allows you to turn creatures like Synapsis Oracle, Thundersaur and Grimgaunt Devourer into non-issues, while Master of Elements is in the running for being a better Technosmith than Technosmith, simply because you can play an underleveled Metasight for free.

BL268Playing Stasis Warden can be quite difficult at time, but it also can be very entertaining. The most important card in your deck is Stasis Warden, and without it you’ll have a very hard time functioning. You need to protect them as much as you can, even if that means you take a little damage early. Keep in mind that you can use Stasis Warden’s ability or Energy Prison on one of your own Wardens to keep them out of combat!

Early on you’ll want to try and kill your opponent’s creatures so that you don’t have to worry about locking them down with your Wardens, which should give you enough time to build up your team of jailers. The biggest problem you’ll often have is letting your Wardens die, or not drawing them, so it’s vital that you protect the ones you have and use your Energy Surges to find the next ones. Once you get a couple Wardens out, it becomes an almost trivial matter to just say no to your opponent with each spell you play.

Another thing to keep in mind is you need to find, and sometimes even make opportunities to attack. If you have a creature that’s unblocked, feel free to let that creature attack and then lock it down after you battle. If you spend your entire game locking down your opponent without actually dealing them damage, how will you actually win? If you bring your opponent low enough, eventually a couple hits from Kas, Arcweaver will be enough to finish them off.

I hope you have fun burning (or boring) your opponents to death with this deck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, stop by my Twitch channel here (, or message me. I’ll be happy to help! Until then, may you have the best of luck keeping your opponent locked down, and remember – just say no to attacking!


  1. Vinyl

    thanks for this fox. I always was interested in stasis warden and saw the potential. Now he gets some much needed recognition. mixing stasis warden with master of elements feels like such a great combo,

  2. Kelson

    Here’s to hoping the UI update will incorporate ways to differenciate better between single-turn stasis and summoning sickness and defender status. That would make this deck easier to play indeed.

  3. pwndnoob

    Well, this is my deck. I know a borrowed deck list when I see one, because I’d actually suggest some changes.

    Firstly, you want more Ghox. The only reason I only play 1 is because I only have 1. Can easily replace a Master of Elements with a 2nd Ghox.

    Secondly, after testing, Flame Speaker is a lot more consistent than Kas at getting wins. Kas is nice in otherwise unwinnable matchups but he’s more fun than good.

    Lastly, since that tournament, I’ve stopped overvaluing Lightning Spark. Metasculpt or a body covers same weaknesses to guys like Witherfrost Succubus, the face damage is overrated, and I’d much rather have a 3rd Cypien that gives us 6/7 Stasis Wardens or scales much better than Spark when Metasighted.

    This deck is my baby, but shoutouts to Laziejim for showing me the way and being a sounding board for my testing. It’s a fun deck, incredibly punishing of misplays and instantly loses some matchups.

    P. S. Went 2-2-1 that tournament, I feel I punted badly twice and should have been 4-1, but you will never, ever beat Mono-Tempys with this deck. Have fun with it!

    1. foxhull

      I would like to note that I did try out your list when I started, but then I rebuilt from scratch – I rebuilt multiple times and arrived at a similar list. You did get me back to trying it, but I would like to note I didn’t “borrow” the list. I put probably 50-60 hours worth of testing, rebuilding, and tweaking numbers.

      As for Ghox, I tried out multiples, but the issue was that it overtaxed what I was doing too much. I always had other plays that were better, and so the extra Ghoxen never got play. Instead, I opted to add Metasculpt, which turned out to be pretty important. As for Kas, in my testing, especially in the N/T removal matchup, he was way more consistent at getting my opponent to the point where I could race with burn. Flame Speaker just got eaten more often than not because I had to protect him for more than a single turn.

      That said, the deck is certainly a blast and I had way too much fun with it.

  4. foxhull

    I decided to go back and figure out which tournament it was that reminded me about Stasis Warden – it was the first reddit tournament after the patch. I believe it was pwndnoob that was playing a similar deck, though I started (mostly) from scratch (the one he played made me try it).

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