Gold Sale Ending Soon! Alloyin Week Tomorrow!

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Hi everyone,

Thesale that we have had going on in the web store in celebration of Gencon will be coming to a close soon. Go to the store on our website now to get some Gold at 50% off while you still can!

We are about to enter the last phase of our latest release,
“Raiders Unchained: Front Line”! Tomorrow, August 11th at 12pm PDT, we will start Alloyin week. This means that the Nekrium Chest will be leaving the store and an Alloyin Chest will take its place. The Alloyin chest has a guaranteed Legendary as well as a guaranteed Alternate Art Alloyin card. Alternate Art Ironbeard, Ascendant, the newest Alloyin AA, has a significant chance to drop.


We will also be adding a new precon deck to the store, Cypien Technology. This deck will include a copy of the new Alloyin Legendary Crux, Metamind Rogue and the latest Heroic Cypien Experimentation. The deck will also contain a Legendary Relic Hunter.

Thanks for reading!

-SBE Gary Arant


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