Golden Gauntlet: V

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along with a chat interface, sharing support, and more.

We are partnering with again to offer the next Golden Gauntlet tournament! This event offers players a chance to win big Gold prizes, and you get most of your entry fee back in Gold along with an alternate art Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen just for playing!

Click here to sign up now!

Event Details

Start Time: 11AM PST, March 12th
Sign-ups available until: 10 AM PST March 12th (1 hour prior to event start)
Entry Fee: $10 entry gets you 1300 Gold, an Alternate Art Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen, and entry to the event.
  • 1st Place: 30,000 Gold
    • 2nd Place: 14,400 Gold
    • 3/4th place: 5,600 Gold
    • Top 8: 2750 Gold
    • Top 16: 1300 Gold

More Details

Players will compete in a Swiss style tournament (number of rounds based on the number of competitors), followed by a cut to top 8 (Tiebreakers will be the opponent’s Win Percentage in the Swiss rounds). The Swiss rounds will be a Best of 1 format, where as the top 8 will be a Best of 3.

Players should be signed up on the ladder with their final deck submitted no later than 15 minutes before the event is to begin.

Players should be present on the ladder and “checked in” at least 10 minutes before the event is to start.

Ladder account is required, moderately up to date web browser is required. Chrome is officially supported, Opera, IE, Firefox and their mobile versions should all work.

There is a password recovery tool just below the sign in form.

If you have any issues using the ladder site, please contact

More Instructions on how to use the Ladder site, please click here.

For a full list of ladder rules please click here.

All games will count toward your ranking on Kaelari’s Standard Ladder.


  1. Holyghost5514

    Samuraj said:Please make those tournaments free again. Unless you want to have +/- 16 participants, of course.

    Golden Gauntlents have never been free. Always had paid entry with super generous payouts.
    There are plenty of already free tourneys on the ladder to still play in.

    The tourney entry for Golden gauntlet is already basically more than free, paying 10$ for 18$ worth of gold just for entering, and a chance to play a tourney for free and win even more. The EV for this tournament is totally bonkers. (well for those of us that have a comprehension of basic math anyways)

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