Happy Holidays from SolForge!

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the Competitive Draft & Constructed tournament queues are becoming Holiday Tournaments! These will have the same entry and payout structures as before, but anyone who goes 4-0 will also receive a random Alternate Art card – which can include the new Festive Nuada!

Holiday Chest

We have added new Holiday Chests for a limited time! These will cost the same as previous Legendary Chests and will have all of the same contents plus an additional random Alternate Art Card – which can also include Festive Nuada! If you purchase a bundle of five chests, you’ll receive a Festive Nuada card for free!

Website Store

We will be adding more content to our website store, including some old favorites that we removed from the in-game store! If you’re looking to pick up Holiday Chests, Chest Bundles, old pre-constructed decks, or game skins, be sure to check out the store!

We hope you have a happy holiday season, and have fun playing SolForge!

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  1. XbrokenX

    As someone who had never even considered paying gold for alternate art cards before, this was a nice little way to add some to my collection. Thanks for coming up with these promotions. Even managed to nab an AA Epidemic as a reward for my 4-0 draft finish today.

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