Imprisoned Heralds: Arisen Preview – Duskmaw, Twilight Drake

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and I’m excited to reveal a new card for the upcoming mini-expansion to Imprisoned Heralds.

There are times in SolForge when cards have a bit more nuance than others.  Cards that you know have potential for great things, but you need to sit down and give serious thought on how to build a deck around it.  Duskmaw, Twlight Drake is such a card that requires creative thought, with potential to be very powerful.


TendrilsImmediately we are drawn to the Solbind keyword, which shows that a single copy of Tendrils of Twilight enters your deck.  Tendrils is a one level spell which on the surface doesn’t bring much to the table, giving a targeted creature -1/-1.  However, casting the card is free, so there’s no harm in playing it at any point.

Duskmaw, Twlight Drake himself starts off with a decent body across all levels, along with Mobility 1.  This doesn’t mean much at first glance outside he’s a good vanilla creature – meaning on the surface we have what appears to be two cards that  leaved one just “whelmed”.  But when you read further, you see the synergy of the two cards.  When Duskmaw is opposing another creature, you can target said creature with Tendrils of Twlights and the target is destroyed.

Simply destroyed, no questions asked.  Creatures levels don’t matter, abilities don’t matter.  If you have a Duskmaw of any level on the field and he is opposed, you can destroy that creature with a free cast of Tendrils.  If someone has a level three Wegu or iron Maiden, you can play a Duskmaw of *any level* in front of it and cast Tendrils – your opponents creature is destroyed.

This is why I said that the deck could be powerful, but you need to be creative with it. Yes you have un-gated removal, but it’s still conditional due to requiring a combo to do it.  Yes, Tendrils is a free action, but on its own it will have trouble carrying its weight without other cards.  Duskmaw himself has decent stats, but not enough to warrant inclusion in decks without his ability.  The Solbind condition is reasonable with only adding three extra cards, but a 33 card deck is still higher variance than others.  In addition to the higher risk/higher reward elements, this is truly a case with the sum of the parts are greater than the individuals – and that presents some amazingly creative deckbuilding opportunities.

As for what cards work well with Duskmaw, the most obvious one is Soothsayer Hermit.   Playing a Hermit will always allow you to take a Tendrils from your discard.  And if you have Tendrils in your hand, you can take a Duskmaw as well and play the Tendrils as a free third action.  Crypt Conjurer could be a solid choice, Tendrils being free would make her trigger more often.    And of course, a Metamind package and Energy Surge would allow you draw additional cards to ensure the combo is present.  Over all, I would say this is the most intriguing card of the new expansion, and I am looking forward to seeing who comes up with some creative ideas with Duskmaw, Twlight Drake!


  1. Flop

    No level gate on Duskmaw text ? a level1 can kill a level3 for free ? … balance?

    Moreover the level1 only for Tendril seems pretty silly with Hermite as spotted earlier :/

    This card will be a must have for sure… i don’t like her but it s obviously broken.

  2. hellfirebm

    Finally feels like SB nailed how solbind can function (the free cost seems safe on noncombo turns, yet not powerful enough on any turn to tilt games. Still kinda wish contagion fiends were remade…

  3. Kukkamatka

    I’m a newbie, but will share my thoughts on it nevertheless :) At first it does sounds kinda heavy to build around, because if you want to make sure you take advantage of it, you have to play uterra/nekrium and use Hermit with it. Of course, it’s un-leveled, so it’s basically a non-leveled, non-random Nether, or a non-leveled Deathwing that doesn’t need to get aggressive. So it might be a good removal, especially if you’re not playing nekrium/tempys? What I like is that it can potentially trigger two times per round, that is, before and after moving, even without any other cards, if you just happen to have 2x tendrils in your hand. Otherwise, the free -1 & -1 is quite like Relics buff, but the trigger is too random to count heavily on. Nevertheless, it does seem quite a nice buff to a deck.

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