Imprisoned Heralds: Arisen Preview – Lug, Uranti Charger

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Outrageous (B+) here, and I’m excited to reveal a new card for the upcoming mini-expansion to Imprisoned Heralds.

There are times in SolForge when cards have a bit more nuance than others.  Cards that you know have potential for great things, but you need to sit down and give serious thought on how to build a deck around it.  Duskmaw, Twlight Drake is such a card that requires creative thought, with potential to be very powerful.

because I get a lot of new toys to play with,
and that means new decks! Sometimes there’s new themes, sometimes existing themes are built upon. Last time around, I introduced you all to Borean Windweaver – today I’m going to show you a new buddy for Windweaver. Rather than beat around the bush, let me introduce you to Lug, Uranti Charger.
Like most cards with text, I love “build around me” cards, and Lug, Uranti Charger is definitely one of those. Let’s see what we can do!

Lug, Uranti Charger has some very interesting numbers attached. 3/9, 5/13 and 9/19 are pretty rare numbers for a creature, but in the case of Lug, it doesn’t take very much attack for him to be able to deal a lot of damage. The fact that he has so much health only helps to enhance his utility, because he’ll often be able to survive his first round of combat with a creature and still be able to attack in. He also happens to be a Yeti, and could potentially get together with his other Yeti buddies for an unexpected return of the Abominable Snowman menace!

Something else to keep note of is that Lug doesn’t specify “another creature you control”, meaning that he will get to attack an additional time when he’s the creature to move, which means that cards like Borean Windweaver and Uranti Elementalist will allow Lug to get some extra attacks in. Cards that also have natural Mobility, like Zyx, Storm Herald and Everflame Phoenix will also be welcome additions, providing plenty of extra damage while also letting Lug attack plenty of extra times. Storm Bringer only adds to the theme, potentially allowing for two extra attacks if you have Borean Windweaver on the field.

Next, since Lug will most likely be moving into an empty lane on a regular basis, Lavafused Asir could be just what the doctor ordered, providing significant amounts of attack for a relatively low cost. Emberwind Evoker also can potentially grow Lug significantly. After that it’s a fairly simple matter to determine what other cards we may want to have fill in the cracks, and Nethershriek can provide a way to take out problematic creatures while providing a creature that we’ll want to move around the board. Last, a single Howl of Xith can provide a way to finish out a game that has stalled.

With all that said, we’re looking at something like this:

Lug’s Buds

3 Lug, Uranti Charger

3 Borean Windweaver

3 Emberwind Evoker

3 Storm Bringer

2 Uranti Elementalist

3 Nethershriek

3 Zyx, Storm Herald

3 Everflame Phoenix

3 Lavafused Asir

3 Flame Lance

1 Howl of Xith

I hope you all enjoy Lug, Uranti Charger and all of his buddies arriving with Imprisoned Heralds: Arisen!


  1. zjhomrighaus

    This guy seems bonkers. If I understand correctly, if you play Windweaver and 3 creatures move, this guy will attack thrice? And he’s Tempys, so you play Rage of Kadras to remove anyone in front… this is instakill in PL2 with a not too tricky combo. At a minimum, this is more of the recent trend of super-swingy cards like Wegu that either go off early and devastatingly or die trying.

  2. Sundodger1

    For clarity, if you have 2 creatures move in a single turn, does Lug attack 2 additional times? Similarly, if a single creature moves twice (say movement and uranti elementalist), does Lug attack twice (because the movement is the trigger, as opposed to the creature)?

    1. David_SBE

      Sorry, it’s a default I haven’t found how to disable. You can pause the slideshow by pressing the pause button in the top right when viewing an image.
      Edit: Special thanks to Roy7! We have disabled the auto-scroll for pictures.

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