Imprisoned Heralds: Unchained Preview – Esperian Sage

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and Killion could not sense its cause.

This troubled him. Not so much the sudden change, but his inability to decipher it. As the Infinity Warden had developed his abilities, his insight into the how and why of the world had become almost limitless. His exploration of Solis had revealed to him so many secrets both ancient and new that any unexplained phenomenon troubled him – and intrigued him. 

Just as suddenly as it began, the silence was broken by a loud creaking sound. Killion looked on in amazement – an experience that had become quite foreign to him – as the trees around him seemed to bend downward.

There was no wind blowing them, nor had Killion ever seen a gale so strong that it could cause this kind of warping of such huge, ancient trunks. They all seemed to be reaching in the same direction. 

No, not reaching. They were bowing. To her.

“Welcome, Killion. I have been expecting you. We have much to discuss.”

and put a different spin on things.  For example, Technosmith has been around since the game was first created, and there’s been times where we see new cards released that mimic his effect, or can revive him to trigger his effect again.  In 4.1, we re-visit the “Technosmith effect” again, as we find ourselves once more journeying into the realm of Esperia.


Esperian Sage essentially merges Technosmith’s effect with Esperian Scarab.  It fits the flavors of both factions; the token generation and grow-wide of Uterra, and the leveling of cards in Alloyin.  The card itself doesn’t really require any additional explanation – you get two Technosmith effects for the price of one!

There are three different strategies at play with this card.  The first is using it within a Leveling Stall deck.  We’ve seen Stasis Warden see some play, and in Imprisoned Heralds we have been introduced to several new attack reduction cards.  Esperian Sage fits right into those decks!

Another clever way to use Esperian Sage is in Upgrade decks. Since Alloyin has several cards that benefit with replacing units, Esperian Sage gives you a couple of possible targets, with an added bonus of leveling cards.

The next deck that Esperian Sage works great in A/U Grow-Wide.  Not only do get more creatures to fill your lands, but you have the added bonus of leveling extra cards – perfect for decks that want to sneak in something like an Iron Maiden or Scrapforge Titan.

Of course, there’s the obvious card that works with Esperian Sage, and also with certain grow-wide decks; our old friend Weirwood Patriarch.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but the first thing I do for any new card is see how it interacts with Weirwood Patriarch – one of my favorite cards.  So it goes without saying what excites me the most about Esperian Sage is that an on-level Weirwood Patriarch will buff an on-level Esperian Sage at levels one and two.  Say you play your Esperian Sage, and follow it up with a Weirwood Patriarch in one turn.  Your next turn you can either follow up with a Ferocious Roar, or perhaps set up a Lifeblood Dryad Trigger.

Over all, I feel this is a neat card with some great possibilities, in both constructed and draft.  Personally, I plan on trying a grow-wide deck, and also an Esperian themed leveling deck. I look forward to seeing what other people brew with it!


  1. scruben

    This card is obviously super powerful, and I see it being quite the force in the metagame going forward. Since broodqueen, there really hasn’t been any incentive to play Patriach with any other faction than nekrium, but this may well change that.

    The card clearly plays well with having bombs to level, but even as a way to level tracker it’s already an insane card. I’m not sure if this will see play in any deck with Energy Surge because that card doesn’t really suit the AU playstyle, but the fact that both cards make the other more useful is awesome.

  2. ntillerman

    I’m a little disappointed that AU got the first “Metasight on a reasonable body” card. It feels like this should be either an A or AN card (without the grow wide effect obviously). That being said, this card is pretty powerful. At the very least it’ll provide a lot of incidental value to AU Patriarch midrange decks, and at best it might make AU Ramp a deck.

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