Imprisoned Heralds: Unchained Preview – Nova, Grove Queen

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and Killion could not sense its cause.

This troubled him. Not so much the sudden change, but his inability to decipher it. As the Infinity Warden had developed his abilities, his insight into the how and why of the world had become almost limitless. His exploration of Solis had revealed to him so many secrets both ancient and new that any unexplained phenomenon troubled him – and intrigued him. 

Just as suddenly as it began, the silence was broken by a loud creaking sound. Killion looked on in amazement – an experience that had become quite foreign to him – as the trees around him seemed to bend downward.

There was no wind blowing them, nor had Killion ever seen a gale so strong that it could cause this kind of warping of such huge, ancient trunks. They all seemed to be reaching in the same direction. 

No, not reaching. They were bowing. To her.

“Welcome, Killion. I have been expecting you. We have much to discuss.”


Some astute SolForge fans noticed that Imprisoned Heralds was the first large release since we introduced Forgeborn not to include one. With the upcoming release of Imprisoned Heralds: Unchained, that absence is no more.

Imprisoned Heralds: Unchained will feature eight new cards – one Legendary and one Heroic card for each faction. Once the new cards are released, they will be available in booster packs and legendary chests, including those containing only Imprisoned Heralds cards.

The cards from Imprisoned Heralds: Unchained will also be available in two new pre-constructed decks, which will each include four of the new cards – two Legendary cards and two Heroics. These decks will be available on release in the SolForge in-game store for 2750 Gold.

Imprisoned Heralds: Unchained will be available starting next Tueday, December 16th. There will be a brief downtime in the morning starting at approximately 9 AM PST, after which the new cards and decks will be available to acquire. At this time, the Secrets of Solis: Unveiled preconstructed decks will be removed from the store, so if you want them, get them before they’re gone!


    1. Hydroclasm

      I thought it might have been intentional. Unexpected, but plausible if they wanted to do crossovers between Ascension and Solforge.

      Can we get confirmation one way or another?

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