Imprisoned Heralds: Unchained Preview – Relic Hunter

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with another awesome piece to add to your 4.1 spoiler collection. Some of you may have noticed that as new sets and mechanics have been added, not every set contains all the old mechanics. In particular, I was shocked to see no more Solbind cards! Well, with a little bit of poking around, I managed to add a few extra cards to my deck, and hopefully this Tuesday, you’ll be able to, too! On behalf of Anvillion, let me introduce you to Relic Hunter, and his amazing companion; Relic Scout

Relic Hunter

Lets look at the first part of Mr. Hunter: We notice his stats are very similar to the average utility creature at every level (barring a point of health). This means he won’t be getting played for his vanilla body, and you’re rarely going to want to throw him into the red zone without use of his ability.

Okay, things are slightly more interesting when you throw in the upgrade ability. Sort of like a  (stronger) enrage to a creature, but also puts it on the defensive for a turn. Theres a couple of really interesting ways you can abuse this Рin particular laying it on top of things like Shardplate Mutant, and Citadel Guard.

The thing that really upgrades this card to the next level though, is his companion.

Relic Scout 2
Free! Batteries aren’t included; but the value sure is! I couldn’t imagine a more faithful companion to take with me on my journey of smashing every opponent. Time will tell if the community feels that the inconsistency of extra cards will be outbalanced by the high power level of Relic Scout. Though I imagine I’ll be seeing quite a few across from me in the coming weeks.

Together this team makes a 6/7 armor 1, with breakthrough. That’s a pretty sturdy creature. It also comes with a few other effects though: It triggers our newest forgeborn, Nova. Lets take a look at one way to put these two together in what could turn out to be my new favorite deck.

Some Assembly Required

One free robot, please

One free robot, please

3 Relic Hunter

3 Nova, Grove Queen

3 Gauntlets of Sulgrim

3 Brightsteel Sentinel

2 Nexus Aeronaut

3 War Tinker

2 Ferocious Roar

3 Vault Welder

3 Crucible Colossus

2 Jet Pack

3 Citadel Guard

I play Nova, drop a seedling. Replace the seedling with War Tinker. Replace the War Tinker with the FREE Relic Scout. I replace the Relic Scout with a FREE Vault Welder. I end my first turn with a 6/10, and a 7/9 breakthrough armor 1.

If the above turn doesn’t make you giddy with excitement, you haven’t yet lived. This deck is all about abusing Nova’s token, the Relic scout, and War Tinker to trigger Nova, Relic Hunter, and Vault Welder for additional value. Your deck is filled with great underdrops for blocking. These creatures can be lethal at a moments notice with Vault Welder or Relic Hunter dropping in to say hi.

This deck primarily plays aggresively, trying to combo out high power creatures in player level one. It also allows you to switch to a more defensive line in later player levels, as the deck consists primarily of defensive underdrops used in an aggresive manner – but unlike traditional low depreciation cards, these underdrops level into some serious powerhouses! Try it out. The flexibility and raw power is far greater than you might expect at a glance!

I’ll be looking forward to facing you all in the queues Tuesday night. Feel free to stop by my stream at to see it in action!

(Edit: Relic Hunter replacing a Relic Scout will produce a 6/7 Armor 1 with Breakthrough, rather than a 5/6 Armor 1 with Breakthrough. Updated article to reflect this.)

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