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Heyeveryone, Foxhull here! Ever since Rise of the Forgeborn released, I’ve been hidden deep in my lab, experimenting and concocting new decks. Today, I bring you the results, and plenty of them! Before we start, I feel like I should warn you – these are mostly raw ideas, not tuned decks. My creations haven’t spent much time in the wild, so there are still improvements to be made, but they certainly have plenty of potential!

With that said – let’s get to it!

Sow and Flourish

3x Lightning Spark

3x Static Shock

3x Uranti Bolt

3x Brighttusk Sower

3x Echowisp

3x Ferocious Roar

3x Leafkin Progenitor

3x Nuada, Faith’s Flourish

3x Weirwood Patriarch

3x Wildwood Sower

SF2_u134(3)_LCVWell, this deck is certainly straightforward. You have one goal and one goal only: overwhelm your opponents with the power of nature as fast as possible! Nuada, Faith’s Flourish is the centerpiece of the deck, as he brings the ability to turn innocent Seedlings and Treefolk into rampaging forces of nature. Your opponents will need to deal with him immediately, as he presents the potential to present threat after threat if he’s left alone

However, if Nuada is unable to activate, don’t worry! You still have a solid back-up plan in the form of going wide and then going big. Wildwood Sower comes the fore with the ability to turn even an innocent Static Shock into a creature, and Brighttusk Sower brings a friend to the party. Weirwood Patriarch and Ferocious Roar will keep your team growing, while Echowisp will keep you from ever getting behind.

Remember that the whole goal of the deck is to fill your board and make it big. If you need to take to some early damage in order to start your team, don’t be afraid to leave that creature unblocked! It’s more important to protect your creatures than your health total!

Let’s move on to the next brew!

Life and Death

3x Cercee, Hand of Varna

3x Crypt Conjurer

2x Cull the Weak

1x Dreadbolt

3x Epidemic

2x Vyric’s Embrace

2x Zimus, the Undying

2x Echowisp

3x Ferocious Roar

3x Glowstride Stag

3x Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen

3x Runebark Guardian

sf2_u155(3)_LCVHere, we’re bringing Runebark Guardian to the front. Now, you might ask, “Where’s Arboris?” Let me explain. Arboris, Grove Dragon, wants you to play defensively, conserve your life, and then use the bits of life that you gained to become enormous! However, Arboris is a little small if you’re unable to keep up with your opponent early, and can consequently be an unexciting creature to play. However, Runebark Guardian and Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen want to get in your opponent’s face as fast as possible! You don’t need to block, because the life you’re gaining every turn will thwart your opponent’s plans while causing your Guardian to grow.

Now, you’ll still need to control certain creatures that your opponent might play, and you have the option to use spells like Dreadbolt, Cull the Weak and Epidemic to foil even the best laid plans. Crypt Conjurer will allow you to keep hitting your opponent while you deal with his threats, and even contributes to the overall plan of growing a gigantic Guardian!

We’ll also ask Zimus, the Undying and Cercee, Hand of Varna to join the party! Zimus excels at being a very resilient threat that others can’t control, and Cercee gives you the option to control your opponent’s threats while also being a force to be reckoned with later in the game!  In combination with your Runbark Guardians and your Crypt Conjurers, your opponent is in for a very bad time. Speaking of Crypt Conjurer, he wants a bit more of the spotlight. Let’s oblige, shall we?

Burning Crypt

3x Cercee, Hand of Varna

3x Crypt Conjurer

2x Cull the Weak

2x Dreadbolt

3x Epidemic

1x Vyric’s Embrace

3x Flame Lance

1x Flame Speaker

3x Flameshaper Savant

3x Lightning Spark

3x Master of Elements

3x Uranti Bolt


SF2_n021(3)_LCVThis is where it starts to get interesting. The goal here is to kill any creatures on the other side of the board, and kill your opponent while you’re at it! Crypt Conjurer, Flame Speaker and Flameshaper Savant all provide sources of damage that reward you for playing your spells and keeping the game under control at all times. When you attach two, three, four or more extra damage to each spell you play, you’re going to deal a lot of damage to your opponent very quickly, and they won’t have any creatures to retaliate with. They’ll need to focus on dealing with your creatures, or risk sudden death!

Most of the deck is focused around keeping your opponent under control, and it shows. You have full sets of Uranti Bolt, Lightning Spark, Flame Lance and Epidemic to work with. You also have a few extra options in the form of Vyric’s Embrace, Cull the Weak and Dreadbolt to make sure that nothing survives to tell the tale of your dominance. Even Cercee has joined the party once again to make sure nothing makes it past your masterful spell-weaving.

This is one of my favorite ideas and very fun to play. Everything you do has additional consequences for your opponent, and if you catch them unaware, it’s going to be very difficult for them to come back into the game. With the number of options you have available, keep them guessing and keep the damage coming!

Level Up!

3x Battle Techtician

3x Delpha, Chronosculpter

3x Metatransfer

2x Scrapforge Titan

3x Cercee, Hand of Varna

2x Cull the Weak

3x Darkshaper Savant

2x Dreadbolt

3x Epidemic

1x Group Meal

2x Vyric’s Embrace

3x Zimus, the Undying

SF2_v142(3)_LCVThis deck actually reminds of one of the very first decks I ever built in SolForge. The deck was very similar, focused on controlling the game and winning with a large overwhelming threat in the form of Scrapforge Titan. Now, it’s not quite as easy as it used to be, but Delpha, Chronosculpter and Metatransfer certainly add to your options! Delpha in particular is interesting because her whole job here is to make sure that you never have a bad hand ever again. At the beginning of your turn, she graciously chooses a card in your hand and levels it up! Even the infamous “all level one” hand becomes much better with a Delpha in play. However, she isn’t the only creature in the deck who knows what’s going on.

The infamous Darkshaper Savant has returned to terrorize from the past. He’s ready to take advantage of new tools like Group Meal and Vyric’s Embrace and keep complete control on a game, allowing you to keep your Delphas alive, and your Scrapforge Titans leveled.  Battle Techtician will also make sure that even the smallest creature you play is still a threat to be reckoned with, and will provide your opponent with a world of difficult decisions when they try and determine whether they should attempt to deal with your Delpha or your Techtician.

You’ll want to play for the long game with this deck, as your threats, while good, are unimpressive early on. You’ll want to use your spells like Metatransfer to neutralize early threats while leveling your Scrapforge Titans and Darkshaper Savants. If you can keep yourself from losing the game early, your opponent will have a very difficult time attempting to beat you later when you start play Zimus, Titans and leveled Delphas. Keep the game at your pace, and you’ll win eventually.


Stasis Crush

3x Energy Surge

2x Metasculpt

2x Metatransfer

3x Stasis Warden

2x Everflame Phoenix

3x Glacial Crush

3x Lightning Spark

3x Master of Elements

3x Static Shock

3x Uranti Bolt

3x Uranti Icemage

SF2_t048(s)_LCVLastly, we have a visit to pay to Stasis Warden! He’s gained two new best friends in the form of Uranti Icemage and Glacial Crush. Uranti Icemage is a very interesting fellow, as his job is not to lock down creatures as it is to put a giant Glacial Crush target on their heads, which the Warden certainly appreciates. Glacial Crush, once it has been leveled even once, becomes a devastating force to deal with. It destroys every creature in the game with some help while keeping the Stasis chain going, all for free! At level three, it even becomes a legitimate way to win the game, destroying the largest opposing creature while also dealing damage to your opponent. To help it along, Uranti Bolt, Static Shock and Lightning Spark all return in full force, ready to help Crush your opponents into the ground.

Everflame Phoenix also provides a potent threat that can guarantee your ability to win the game while dealing with some of the largest early creatures with ease. Master of Elements will also allow you to add a sizeable to creature to the fray while keep the spells coming, and eventually your opponent will bend before the onslaught that you have created.

Just make sure to neutralize as many threats for as long as possible and get Crushing as fast as you can. The longer you wait, the easier it will be for your opponent to deal with everything that you’re trying to do, so you need to be quick and keep them on their toes!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little trip to my lab. There’s plenty more where that came from, including a deck that I’m hard at work on, involving Heart Tree and Glaceus, Tundra Tyrant! If you need any help drafting, tuning your decks, or even just want to hang out, feel free to drop by my stream (, or come by the Stone Blade booth at PAX East, where I’ll be a volunteer demoing SolForge! We’ll have a great time and get some great games in. Until next time!


  1. yuritolpin

    Is it really a mistake to play arboris in the life and death deck? How would you guys change the decklist if you were going to add the dragon?

    1. foxhull

      Arboris is primarily a defensive oriented card – you’re not really pushing damage until later in the game, which is usually too slow. By cutting him altogether, you afford yourself the flexibility to not need to block/kill everything early and can instead focus on being aggressive, which is the whole point of the deck. If I did play Arboris, I’d cut Runebarks (they’re not very effective at being defensive), and focus the deck around controlling the game instead of trying to push damage.

    2. HappyGilmore

      My experience with the deck in Constructed ques has been exactly what Foxhull is stating which is that it is a defensive card in a deck that really wants to be offensive. Many times I wished I had cull the weak or dreadbolt and I think that is what your likely to play instead. That being said I think Groupmeal is better than Roar in this deck.


  2. Callisto24

    Thanks for the article! It’s always good to read new content on the main page. You seem to enjoy coming up with new ideas for decks. Have you considered writing an article periodically on budget decks for F2P players? I’ve seen numerous requests on the forums and reddit for just such ideas. Maybe limit the deck to 5 legendaries so F2P players who have put time into the game can attain the cards necessary by forging?

    1. foxhull

      Last I remembered SeomanReborn was primarily responsible for the more budget articles, though that might have been changed. I usually try and keep the decks I write about lower on the budget scale of things, but since this is more of a springboard/try-out-new-ideas kind of article, I didn’t limit myself to any particular restrictions.

  3. bearsman6

    I’ve been wanting to brew with Delpha for a while now, and I’m glad to see someone else sharing that interest. Some really cool decks here. Thanks man.

  4. UrzaAntilles

    A good article; definitely plenty to get the old creative juices flowing. Although for the record I have recently been trying to work on something similar to your Burning Crypt deck myself. I did try starting with spell-heavy Mono Nekrium build, but it wasn’t consistent enough. When it did work it was epic, but a bad hand in the later game was just too lethal. Since then I have experimented with both a splash of Alloyin for more of a lock-down deck and Tempys for a more aggressive build.
    Definitely going to have to look into trying some of your other suggestions too. Keep p the good work!

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