Meet the Team – Anton KM aka “Ruin”

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AntonKagounkin Magdalina

Social Media:
You can find me on Facebook here: Krasnoyarsk)
Technical Art School: 2 years (Russia, Krasnoyarsk)
Magdalina Art studio: 5 years
American River College: 2 years
Academy of Art University, San Francisco: 4 years (BFA – Fineart)

What would you say…you do here?
Make art things

Started working at Stone Blade:
As the resident Russian about one year ago

Previous job(s): 
Freelance and Art Ninja at Cognito comics

How you got your job here: 
A friend and co-worker put me in touch to do freelance work for Stone Blade, and then I came on full time.

Favorite part of your job:
Forging a whole new world!

Non-Stone Blade Games you play:
League of Legends
Space Marine
Warhammer – region of chaos
Heroes VI
Binding of Isaac
Age of Empires III
Titan Quest
Disciples II
MTG 2012
Pox Nora

Favorite SolForge Faction and why: 
Uterran – because they are cool, and because they are stompy!

I just had most fun drawing and painting concepts for this faction so far.

How you spend your spare time:
Reading, drawing, and sleeping

Something you want SolForge fans to know:
It’s subconscious understanding for a common fantasy world to fit within the frames of a reasonable land area.

I believe that SolForge’s world is way bigger than one might think at first, and inevitably doomed to fall prey to mass conflict despite the efforts of the ForgeBorn to preserve it.

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