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Thisis a new feature we’ll be running regularly here at to give you a chance to get to know the people behind the game.  Come back each week to meet a new member of the Stone Blade Entertainment Team! 

I like tiger hats and trophies!





Name:  Brian Kibler

Social Media:

who now lives in South Boston and works for AthenaHealth doing IT process management things I don’t entirely understand.  I also have two step-sisters, a step-brother, and a half-sister who live with my father and stepmother in North Andover, MA.


I went to Phillips Academy in Andover, MA for high school, and for college went to Emory University where I graduated with a joint degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies.  So obviously now I make games.

What would you say…you do here?:

Game design and development, though I also handle our marketing and social media efforts.  I try to live up to my “Minister of Propaganda” title.

Started working at Stone Blade:

I helped develop Ascension long before it was actually called Ascension and started working with Justin and John on other projects once there was actually enough work to justify my presence – which is to say I’ve pretty much been around since the beginning.

Previous job(s):

I took a job at Upper Deck working on the VS System TCG after I won the first Pro Circuit event for the game, and then transitioned to designing the World of Warcraft TCG and serving as Head Developer for the first few years of its existence.  After leaving Upper Deck, I worked for about a year at TC Digital as Lead Developer of the Chaotic TCG.

Outside of game design, I’m also an active professional Magic player, competing in Pro Tour and Grand Prix events year-round, and also a strategy writer for  Basically, I’ve made and played games my entire adult life, and I love it.

How you got your job here:

Justin asked me to work with him before the company even existed.

Favorite part of your job:

I love watching people enjoy games I had a part in making.  I’ve sat down between rounds at a Magic tournament to watch people play SolForge and looked over to see people playing Ascension at the tables next to me.  Those moments are amazing.

Non-Stone Blade Games you play:

I play tons of Magic, obviously, as well as League of Legends.  I don’t tend to play many different games, but I play a lot of those that I do.

Favorite SolForge Faction and why: 

I’m hard pressed to choose between the Uterra and Alloyin.  I love the concepts for each of them – subterranean hippies and magical machinists – as well as the way each of them play out in the game.  I have a thing for making giant monsters and smashing people with them.  Who knew?

How you spend your spare time:

Between playing and making games, I don’t really have a lot of free time.  I’m sure you all feel incredibly sorry for me.  In what spare time I do have, I enjoy going to electronic music festivals and shows, finding awesome places to eat, or playing games that aren’t part of my job.

Something you want SolForge fans to know:

While we’re thrilled to have a playable demo in your hands right now, I’m even more excited for what’s to come.  We’ve got a lot of amazing stuff coming soon, and I can’t wait to see people playing it.



  1. Fandeath

    Even though I’m an electrohead nowadays, I’m still a huge fan of trance and I’m glad to see you are too. Above and Beyond and Armin have done some of the best sets I’ve ever seen. In fact, I would only say that Tiesto has wowed me more than those two. I got into electro shortly before Tiesto made the switch from trance to electro, so I guess I’ve kind of always been on the same page as him. You can’t go wrong with trance though, excellent choice. :)

  2. Kibler Post author

    Tristan – our #1 goal is to assure the game is fun for a wide audience. That’s a tough goal in itself, but one we feel like we’re up for. As for MMA – I’ve considered training at an MMA gym, but decided that I’m too pretty for fighting.

    Grubar – I play a game or two most days, usually in the evenings.

    Fandeath – You are correct – I’m a huge trance fan. Above and Beyond, Tritonal, Dash Berlin, Armin, BT, Gareth Emery, Morgan Page, Ferry Corsten, etc – all among my favorites.

  3. tristan

    Some questions for Brian:

    Apart from making sure the game is fun and profitable, what are some of your design goals?
    Most game designers are white heterosexual men. How do you make sure that the game doesn’t look like it was designed by white heterosexual men?
    In your earlier articles you’d sometimes refernce your wrestling days. A lot of collegiate wrestlers have experieced success in MMA. Have you done any MMA training?

  4. evotron

    Nice to meet you Brian. Game is looking awesome, keep up the good work, maybe one day our blades shall cross on the battefield of sol….forge…uterra….idk where the battlefield will be but GOOD LUCK!!

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