Meet the Team – Jeff Liu

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Name: JeffLiujeffpic

Social Media:  I hope nobody finds my Twitter.

Age: 32

Education:  University of Michigan

What would you say…you do here?: Answer questionaires, make games, and am generally not helpful.

Started working at Stone Blade: Years ago.  I don’t even remember.

Previous job(s): Game Designer at Upper Deck

How you got your job here: By being too good.  If you want a particular job, being visibly excellent is a great start.

Favorite part of your job: Sometimes I get to wear no pants.  It’s better than casual friday.

Non-Stone Blade Games you play: I like to dabble. Most consistent game played right now is League of Legends.

Favorite SolForge Faction and why: Alloyin, because the card frames are white, which makes them less distracting.

How you spend your spare time: None of my time is spare because everything I do is important.

Something you want SolForge fans to know: I am the cake.



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