Meet the Team – Will Garner

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Name: 1 cat (bitchy)


BS Computer Science, Dartmouth College, 2000

What would you say…you do here?:

Server programming, architecture, IT, assorted geeky odds and ends. My code and servers will keep track of your account, PvP matchmaking, your games, your collection, achievements and rankings, Plus tournament management, PvE progress, and who knows what else our designers come up with. Some people work on the stuff you can see on your screen. Others work on the cards and other in-game rules. Almost everything else we call “the Stone Blade platform”, and it’s my baby.

Started working at Stone Blade:

May 2012

Previous job(s):

Server programming, architecture, IT, assorted geeky odds and ends. Most recently for Yontoo (a web plugin for adding additional features to existing websites.) Before that, for Empirix (automated testing for websites and call centers).

How you got your job here:

I met Justin over a game of Catan (he won, of course) in college. We’e been good friends ever since. I did some contract work for him on tools for Ascension development and we liked working together. So when Stone Blade (then Gary Games) was starting up SolForge, Justin recruited me to plan out some of the architecture and help build a team.

Favorite part of your job:

Working with our incredible design team. I’ve always worked with good software people, but this time the people designing the product are the best in the world. All I have to do is turn their thoughts into code, and I know we’re going to have awesome games.

Non-Stone Blade Games you play:

I play a lot of PC games. Currently I’m hooked on Crusader Kings 2. From 2012 my favorites were probably Alan Wake, XCOM, Borderlands 2, FTL, Mark of the Ninja, Thomas Was Alone.

Offllne, like many people Settlers of Catan was my “gateway game” and I played M:TG but have been largely out of it for a while. I like Dominion, but prefer Ascension. San Juan may be my #1. Pandemic has gotten some action recently. My last purchase was RoboRally, which I haven’t played in 10 years but remember very fondly.

Favorite SolForge Faction and why: 

Alloyin. I’m a programmer – how am I not going to go with the tech guys that level each other up?

How you spend your spare time:

Playing games. With friends when I can, with my PC when I can’t.

Something you want SolForge fans to know:



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