Nekrium Faction Starter Preview

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Hello, I have a history in competitive gaming which has helped prepare me for work on the development of SolForge. Stone Blade Entertainment had such great success with Ascension that it was very exciting to come work at the company, but mostly I’m excited about working on SolForge. The original two demo decks introduced a great game engine as well as some exciting cards and fun gameplay. To add to that, we’ve worked to make four new to introduce new mechanics and outline the themes of our different factions. Today, I get to highlight some exciting cards and the new mechanics in our Nekrium starter.

The Nekrium harness the power of death, and they will sacrifice anything for power. Among them are undead monsters that fight from beyond the grave and spirits of lost souls haunting any wanderers into their realm. Like any good zombie movie will tell you, the dead don’t stay dead, and the Nekrium have found many ways to make use of that little characteristic.

Scourgeflame Sorcerer is easily capable of dominating a game if you can get him going. If you have some creatures lying around after combat that are low on health you can use them to destroy your opponent’s biggest creature. But where this guy really excels is with some of the creatures in the faction that provide you with benefits when they die. Vengeful Spirit was transported over from the demo for just that interaction. But if you think Vengeful Spirit works well with this guy, check out Death Seeker.

Death Seeker is tailor made to work with cards like Scourgeflame Sorcerer. He’s good on his own, providing multiple speed bumps for an opposing monster, but really shines when you combine him with effects that let you destroy him for an effect, like the Sorcerer. This kind interaction is what the Nekrium faction is all about.

Sometimes you want a big creature to end the game and that is where Corpse Crawler comes in. With the deck being stocked full of creatures waiting to die, this card helps you turn that into a huge body to end the game fast. Playing a Death Seeker followed up by a Corpse Crawler on the first turn gives you two huge bodies right away. If you thought Deepbranch Prowler was a headache, just wait until you get this card in play – he doesn’t even suffer from the weaker higher levels that the big cat has!

The disease and contagion in the Nekrium land doesn’t just affect the natives. Sometimes they spread it onto others. The Blight Walker does just that by destroying any creature of the same level or lower as him whenever he damages them. If the creature he was battling didn’t have enough attack to bring him down he is a prime target to destroy for your Scourgeflame Sorcerer or Corpse Crawler. Oh, I almost forgot. What kind of Nekrium deck would it be if Grimgaunt Devourer wasn’t hanging around to reap the rewards of all these creatures dying? We made sure to include him in this starter because his ability was made for this type of deck. He has grown to some unimaginable sizes during our testing of this deck.

I asked to write the article for this deck because of all of the awesome synergy that this deck presents. With my gaming history I have always been drawn to decks that have your cards work together and putting together different pieces to generate powerful things. This deck provides that in spades. Not only do the creatures with death triggers combine with the cards that provide powerful things when you kill your own creature, but when you combine that gameplay with Grimgaunt Devourer, dirty, nasty, unspeakable things are bound to follow. -Mark


  1. alan12341234

    This is a very strong deck. However, I don’t quite understand the purpose of Blight Walker. It kills opponent by one hit, yes, but if there isn’t anyone for him to kill, it does very low damage which can be completely ignored.

    Would there be any card to bump it’s attack or enhance the effect of it’s low damage? Otherwise this card will just waste a lane to play.

  2. Bio9

    Its not. It’s not soft by any means,

    Sonic Pulse from Alloyin can hurt them pretty hard. The Grimgaunt is really the only thing that still irritates me. Once he is on the board you have to devote everything to destroying or neutralizing it.

    1. ninerats

      Actually, I retract my comment. It seemed that way first because I got some great synergy combos but then I saw what the other decks can do. Right now the Alloyn is unbeatable, but the Solforge guys are good at balance so the “best” deck will change a few times and there will be arguments either way. Hopefully.

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