Nekrium Week and 50% Off Gold!

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In celebration of Gencon, we have reduced the price of Gold in our web store by 50%. This reduction in price will only be available for a limited time, so hurry up and get some Gold!

We are about to enter the third phase of our latest release, “Raiders Unchained: Front Line”! Tomorrow, August 4th at 12pm PDT, we will start Nekrium week. This means that the Tempys Chest will be leaving the store and a Nekrium Chest will take its place. The Nekrium chest has a guaranteed Legendary as well as a guaranteed Alternate Art Nekrium card. Alternate Art Ebonskull Diabolist, the newest Nekrium AA, has a significant chance to drop.


We will also be adding a new precon deck to the store, Ghastly Echoes. This deck will include a copy of the new Nekrium Legendary Lichmane Dragon and the latest Heroic Ceaseless Grimgaunt. The deck will also contain a Legendary Xerxes, the Executioner.

We only have Alloyin week left. That will start one week from tomorrow.

Talk to you soon,

-SBE Gary Arant


  1. Holyghost5514

    Just simply. find out about this sale, not from our announcement feature in client. Then find your way to our crappy outdated website instead of the store in the new client.

    Then make sure to clear your web browser cookies and cache.
    Then log your self out
    Then add items to the cart
    Then log back in as yourself
    Now you can checkout, and tada smooth as molasses.

    Honestly it is mind boggling to me that , the thing that should be SBE #1 priority, making it easy for people to give them money, has been and apparently will forever be a circus juggling act.
    (also a fan of all cards and all set packs being available for purchase in client store always)

    1. kaelari

      Well if you buy through the website rather than in client steam/app/google don’t get to take a cut which is kind of a big deal when you’re doing a sale. Also if you have any specific suggestions to improve the website let me know

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