New Card Preview: DoppleBot

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As we near our next release of content, you can expect to see some previews pop up. That, my friends, is exactly what I have to offer you today.


Dopplebot has a very unique effect that we haven’t seen before. A repeatable way to get information, and buff himself with the abilities of your opponent’s best creature in hand is nothing to sneeze at. While the power level of this card is very dependent on how your opponent built their deck, there are many interesting parts to this card that make it especially powerful in its own right. One thing that this card has going for it is durability. With especially large health, granting Dopplebot a keyword like Armor or Mobility can make him stick around a little longer. Additionally Dopplebot is a Robot, so pesky cards like Brightsteel Sentinel can help him survive a couple extra turns as well.

A pretty cool thing that this card allows is the information it gives you. Looking at the creatures in your opponent’s hand each turn can help you set up the right plays that aren’t able to be defended against. This kind of information, especially when repeatable, can give quite an advantage.

Notice, Dopplebot is not level restricted. When you play against those pesky Broodqueens, Dopplebot is not just a good way to kill their Broodqueen before they kill your best creatures, it can potentially kill a level 3 creature with the level one Dopplebot! This makes Dopplebot a great under drop, much different from the cards in the past that were good just because of their high attack.

Something that excites me about Dopplebot is that it will play out very differently in most games. Depending on what your opponent is up to, this card will make different things happen that are completely unexpected. Even after you think you have seen it all, with new releases coming every couple months, new interactions are bound to come up and bring out new and exciting moments. Those of you who know me, know that is exactly what I look for in my favorite cards.

So where exactly does this card shine right now, and what can we do with it? Well, the short answer is Dopplebot works great against a lot of cards throughout all of SolForge. The long answer is, I want you guys to experiment and share your stories with each other, because there are many cool things that will come up with this card. What to do with it is another story. There is a lot of strategic depth that comes with Dopplebot. As I already mentioned, just gaining additional information about your opponent’s hand can be extremely valuable, but imagine this card against a deck with cards like Cercee, Thundersaur, and Spiritstone Sentry.

I will now leave you with one of my favorite Dopplebot moments that I came across while testing its functionality.


I hope you all enjoy the new cards and missions!


  1. Xiarros

    Yep, ranking up happens at the end of your turn. This is why I use Keeper of the Damned/Shallow Grave on Ebonskull Knight just before ranking up. :)

  2. donderillo

    What happens when Dopplebot gets an activated ability? Can you activate it right away? And can you activate multiple different activated abilities in one turn or only one?

  3. PaladinGP

    That is very cool. I think you need to re-word/re-template dopplebot, though, as from the current card-text, the Phoenix effect shouldn’t work: The dopplebot doesn’t *become* an everflame phoenix, just gain its ability (and not its name) so the effect shouldn’t trigger unless the dopplebot also gains the cardname “Everflame Phoenix”.

    1. quietlife

      I agree here, the wording and the results do not line up. Also, I thought you gain rank after your turn end? Since Dopplebot’s effect is only on “this turn” and not “until your next turn” it would stop being a phoenix before rank up – so Dopplebot would never trigger rank-up abilities?

      The action shot looked cool, but that is not aligning with the wording on dopplebot or phoenix.

      1. The Average Guy

        You actually gain your rank at the end of the turn. I forget exactly how I know this, but I do remember seeing interactions while playing that supported the notion that you gain rank at the end of the turn rather than after your your turn ended.

        1. Zwaxor

          Rank-up happens between discard and re-draw, as evident from Metamind Overseer. Since Lucid Echoes draws cards at the same time as you draw your new hand, one would assume that they happen simultaneously at the end of the turn. Thus, Rank-up must also happen during your turn.

    2. Zwaxor

      Once again, SBE seems to have taken a page out of Magic’s terminology. When a card mentions itself without the use of a phrase like “a card named ~” it could be replaced by “This card”.

    3. Kukkamatka

      Does the level II. Everflame Phoenix get its replace ability from being a creature type ‘Phoenix’ and not being an “Everflame Phoenix”?

    1. The Average Guy

      Opponent in 1.4 used Level 1 Dopplebot to copy a Level 2 Phoenix’s effect from the other person’s 2.1 hand to hatch a Level 3 Phoenix at the start of Rank 2.

  4. The Average Guy

    Looks cool. It took me a while to understand the pic in question, but I get iiiiiiiit. Here’s hoping my profile pic winds up as the Reddit pic again. :3

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