New Card Preview – Metamind Technician

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The Alloyin faction is home to many remarkable feats of technology, they are the products of intense research and development by the many brilliant minds within the faction.

At the forefront of those thinkers are the Metaminds.  The Metaminds are a race of humanoids that seem to be perfectly adapted to technical work.  Where it may take several of their human compatriots to operate a complicated machine, a Metamind can handle the task independently thanks to their additional arms – which also come in handy when it comes to assembling and repairing the many robots that make up the Alloyin defenses.

metamindtechMetamind Technician showcases the remarkable intellect of these beings, as they are able to replicate the abilities of any creature in play by studying them and analyzing how they work.  In game, the possibilities for Metamind Technician are endless.  Copy your own Synapsis Oracle and start leveling extra cards every turn.  Copy your opponent’s Grimgaunt Devourer and show them that two can play at that game.

What are you looking to do with your Metamind Technician?




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