New Card Preview – Runegrove Guardian

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Once again this week we revealed a new card on SolForge Stream Thursday!  It’s a habit we’re likely to continue in the future, so if you want the scoop on new cards, be sure to tune in to the Stone Blade Entertainment channel every Thursday at 2 pm!

Without further ado – Runegrove Guardian! Runegrove Guardian

Runegrove Guardian is the first card we’ve revealed that explicitly calls out when a player levels up. While its stats aren’t terribly impressive on their own, sale if this plant-fellow sticks around for long enough, it sprouts to double its size!  If you can play one on the same turn that you’re about to level up, it essentially levels up with you, giving you a body that can go toe-to-toe with creatures of your new level!  The Uterra faction is all about growth, and this is one creature that can grow to enormous proportions, and quickly!

Let us know what you think!  How are you going to use Runegrove Guardian?


  1. kbs666

    An interesting mechanic and it would help alleviate the issues of not drawing a l2 creature on the turn after you level up to 2.

    In the same vein would be a creature that gained +x attack and health, where x is player level, when played.

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